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Inez Watts

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WIRE BRIEF: 8,000 homes evacuated near Boulder, Colorado wildfire

19,000 people across 8,000 homes evacuated.

Ukrainian Man Reportedly Caught Crossdressing To Avoid Conscription

“A man in woman’s clothing was detained at the border” “A resident of the capital pretended to be a woman and tried to cross the border illegally at the Porubne

WIRE ALERT: MSNBC News Banned From Kenosha Court Room

MSNBC has been banned from entering the Kenosha courthouse
Biden sitting in the situation room in an image purportedly showing the president in August, revealed to have been taken in March

White House Releases Faked Photo Of Biden Monitoring Situation In Afghanistan

President Biden's White House releases a photograph purporting to show the president monitoring the situation in Afghanistan. However, the photo was actually taken back in March.
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Lying relatives of dead Columbus girl unable to spell her name or give her age

Makhia Bryant, 16, was shot and killed by police in Columbus, Ohio early Tuesday evening when responding officers encountered the teenager in the middle of an attempt to stab another
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Wire Alert: Video Shows Police Shooting Victim Daunte Wright Flaunting Firearm, Cash, Drugs

#DaunteWright had a #warrant out for his #arrest. Did the #police know this when they approached the car? Either way he should not have been shot. Did the female #officer