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Biden sitting in the situation room in an image purportedly showing the president in August, revealed to have been taken in March

White House Releases Faked Photo Of Biden Monitoring Situation In Afghanistan

President Biden's White House releases a photograph purporting to show the president monitoring the situation in Afghanistan. However, the photo was actually taken back in March.
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Lying relatives of dead Columbus girl unable to spell her name or give her age

Makhia Bryant, 16, was shot and killed by police in Columbus, Ohio early Tuesday evening when responding officers encountered the teenager in the middle of an attempt to stab another
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Wire Alert: Video Shows Police Shooting Victim Daunte Wright Flaunting Firearm, Cash, Drugs

#DaunteWright had a #warrant out for his #arrest. Did the #police know this when they approached the car? Either way he should not have been shot. Did the female #officer

Video: MSNBC Airs Segment Calling Trump Supporters “Whiny Bi***es”

MSNBC had Lincoln Project member Rick Wilson on and here’s what he had to say: “This whiny bitch victimhood from Matt Gaetz…and all these other people—it is the most pathetic

Wire Alert: 10 House Republicans Vote In Favor Of Impeachment

Their names are as follows: Rep. Liz Cheney-WY Rep. Herrera Beutler-WA Rep. Katko-NY Rep. Kinzinger-IL Rep. Upton-MI Rep. Newhouse-WA Rep. Meijer-MI Rep. Gonzalez-OH Rep. Rice-SC Rep. Valadao-CA Four other Republicans

Wire Alert: Man Charged In Capitol Hill Protest Commits Suicide

Christopher Stanton, 53, shot himself in the chest one week after being charged for violating the DC curfew during the Capitol Hill protest With Democrats labeling random boomers and professionals

Alert: Married Lincoln Project Anti-Trump Co-Founder Accused Of Pressuring Gay Men For Sex

Update: A new individual alleging interactions with John Weaver has come forward with messages. These have been included, in part, here, and with the rest below the section involving Girdusky

WIRE ALERT: Twitter Lets Threats Against Mike Pence Trend After Banning Trump

President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter, ostensibly for “inciting violence” or carrying a risk to incite violence. This is, of course, nonsense. Nevertheless, Twitter has allowed “Hang Mike Pence”

Wire Alert: Trump Campaign No Longer Able To Send Out Emails After Mail Service Suspends Access

Continuing this unprecedented day of internet purges and censorship, Nationalist Review can inform our readers that the mail server used by the president’s campaign team has been suspended. Campaign Monitor,

Wire Alert: Moments After Announcing Move To Parler, Trump Campaign Team Banned On Twitter

The Trump Campaign Team had just announced that they were moving to Parler. Moments later they were banned. BREAKING: TeamTrump has fallen victim to Twitter’s purge. — The Election