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Category: Border Security

$1.2+ Million Worth Of Meth And Heroin Seized By CBP

US Customs and Border Protection made a large bust of “hard narcotics” in the Hidalgo, Texas region of the border. The smugglers attempted to bring their illicit goods across the

Over 100 Illegal Aliens Arrested In Past 30 Hours In Just One Section Of Border

Report Directly From CBP: In a period of just over 30 hours, numerous human smuggling events were intercepted throughout the Laredo Sector’s area of operations that resulted in the arrest

Illegal Alien Pedophile Arrested For Illegally Re-entering In Arizona

Convicted sex offender attempts to re-enter country in Arizona Israel Chaj-Matul was arrested as part of a roundup of 13 illegal aliens who attempted to enter the country through Arizona.

Philly police to stop making arrests during coronavirus outbreak

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw has ordered her department to immediately stop making arrests for a number of criminal offenses during the coronavirus outbreak. The United States faces an unprecedented

DHS warns of possible Iranian terrorists entering United States through Mexico

The Mexican National Guard is reportedly on the look out for five Iranians who are allegedly attempting to gain entry into the United States. Mexican officials have have been warned

Trump to sign bill with amnesty package for illegals while supporters distracted by impeachment

While much of the nation was focused on the ongoing impeachment charade, Congress pushed through an omnibus spending bill that will grant amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for thousands

The marijuana industry might be the one sector where immigrants can’t steal American jobs

According to a report from the Associated Press, immigration attorneys are very concerned about immigrants taking up jobs in the recreational marijuana industry. They’re advising immigrants to avoid taking jobs

Historic Drug Bust: Colombian Submarine carrying 6,600 pounds of Cartel Cocaine captured in Spain

It has long been rumored that three sophisticated narco syndicates have been utilizing submersible technology to cross the Atlantic Ocean and deliver drugs from South America to Europe. While it

DOJ Directly Funding A Pro-Gun Control “Police” Think Tank

A Washington Think Tank is attacking your Second Amendment rights and seriously endangering the lives of police officers in your community at the same time.