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Category: Culture Wars

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Lying relatives of dead Columbus girl unable to spell her name or give her age

Makhia Bryant, 16, was shot and killed by police in Columbus, Ohio early Tuesday evening when responding officers encountered the teenager in the middle of an attempt to stab another

Gold-Digging? 19-Year-Old Married Her 89-Year-Old Dementia Patient, Bragged About Her Inheritance

19-Year-Old Olivia Stone Met 89-Year-Old Lee R. Hopkins While Providing Care For Him, According To Her Social Media Posts Update: Brookdale has contacted the Nationalist Review to confirm that Lee

New York Times Trained Sixty Educators To Teach Students To Hate America In New Far-Left Program

The New York Times Is Running A “Teaching Project” Where 60 Educators From Public Schools Are Flown In From All Across The Country On An All-Expenses-Paid Trip To Learn How

NASA Goes “Woke” And Bans Use Of “Offensive” Names For Space Objects Citing Discrimination

NASA Will No Longer Refer To Nicknames Of Stars Like The “Eskimo Nebula” Or To Heavenly Bodies Such As The “Siamese Twins Galaxies” In Their Ongoing Effort To Prove There

Oklahoma State University Bans White Student Staff From Joining Meeting, Says “Yes!” To Segregation

Oklahoma State University Says Yes To Anti-White Segregation, Violates Federal Law Fred Dillard, the Interim Assistant Director of Residential Life at Oklahoma State University has seemingly violated the Civil Rights

Just After FBI Disproves Noose Hoax, A Second Noose Appears On Sonoma Track

Sonoma Raceway General Manager Steve Page Says Noose Found On Track Here we go again. . . The FBI just recently revealed that the alleged “noose” hanging by the garage

Video: A Postmates Driver With The Handle “White People Hate” Followed And Terrorized A White Woman To Her Home

Karlos Dillard, a driver for the delivery service Postmates, followed a white woman to her home, harassed and lied about his previous encounter with her, and uploaded it to social

Video: Second Night In A Row, Black Lives Matter Protest Ends In Gun Shots

Vigil For Rayshard Brooks Ends In Gunshots For Second Night In A Row, Camera Man Who Caught The Shooters Attacked, Protesters Demand He Delete The Footage Last night, Nationalist Review

Video: One Shot At BLM Protest In Atlanta, BLM Assaulted Responding Police Officer

One Woman Shot In Leg During Rayshard Brooks Vigil In Atlanta An unidentified shooter fired multiple shots during a vigil held for Rayshard Brooks, the black man lawfully killed by

Video: New York Politician Directs Black Rioters To Loot In “Other” Communities

Buffalo city councilman Rasheed N.C. Wyatt recorded a livestream where he urged black rioters to do their looting outside of their own communities in order to avoid dissuading investors from