Lying relatives of dead Columbus girl unable to spell her name or give her age

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Makhia Bryant, 16, was shot and killed by police in Columbus, Ohio early Tuesday evening when responding officers encountered the teenager in the middle of an attempt to stab another girl. In the aftermath of the shooting, relatives of the deceased made numerous claims. Some of those claims have now been determined to be outright lies.

More troubling is the fact that these relatives, purportedly close to the deceased, were unable to give consistent spellings of her name (or even her age) when asked by journalists on scene. First she was Ma’Khia Bryant. Then she was Makiyah Bryant. Finally, we learned she was actually Makhia Bryant.

Was she 15 or 16? Well, they weren’t quite sure on that front either. From the looks of things now that the dust has settled a bit, she was 16-years-old at the time of her death.

Bryant was living in fostercare despite having a father, mother, grandfather, and aunt—all “reliable” witnesses who were uncritically quoted by journalists just hours after the shooting took place. For some reason, the state determined that these individuals were deemed unable to care for Bryant, but they made perfect witnesses for the jackals in the press.

Gold-Digging? 19-Year-Old Married Her 89-Year-Old Dementia Patient, Bragged About Her Inheritance

19-Year-Old Olivia Stone Met 89-Year-Old Lee R. Hopkins While Providing Care For Him, According To Her Social Media Posts

Update: Brookdale has contacted the Nationalist Review to confirm that Lee Hopkins is not a resident at any of their facilities. It is unclear in what capacity Stone was tasked with providing care to the senior citizen before marrying him.

Update 2: An employee of Brookdale has reached out to state that Lee Hopkins was in fact a resident at the time Olivia was working there.

Olivia C. Stone married Lee R. Hopkins, who she described on social media as an 89-year-old resident of the senior living center where she works.

While Hopkins was not a full-time patient of hers, Stone got to know him while she was tasked with providing him pills on a number of occasions. According to Stone, Hopkins has trouble remembering her name and what day of the month it is, but still she pursued marriage with the man who is 70 years her senior.

Then she bragged about how she would inherit his money, laughed that he might be dead before Christmas, and asked potential suitors if they’d be interested in her after she became a widow.

But his dementia is far worse than she paints it to be.

Hopkins’ wife died two years ago by his side in a car crash, and both of them outlived their only son, leaving little third party support in place to protect the senior from potential exploitation. The car crash that took his wife, Elizabeth (who also lived alongside him in a senior living facility), was the result of Hopkins losing his way to the local IHOP.

Instead, he wound up 25 miles away from where they intended to go. Further underlining his cognitive decline, Hopkins at the time was unable to recognize his own pastor.

Arkansas marriage records with the Pope County Clerk’s office confirm that the two were married in September.

From that point on, Stone began making some alarming posts on social media. In private chats that were leaked and then confirmed by Stone, the teenager bragged about how she would inherit all of Hopkin’s money when he died.

Publicly, she said worse, laughing about how he might not survive until Christmas.

In other instances, Stone messaged people on Twitter asking if they would be interested in her after she was a widow.

The Brookdale Russellville location confirms on their social media accounts that she was an employee with them, publicly thanking her for the hard work she’s put into providing care for elders residing in their facilities.

Nationalist Review has contacted Brookdale Russellville’s location to ascertain what policies they have in place to prevent caregivers from starting romantic relationships with residents and exploiting them as some might say Stone has done in this instance.

Shortly before deleting her Twitter account (@BeanHype) under increased viral scrutiny, Stone maintained that their relationship was built on love. Meanwhile, she was plotting future loves with other suitors publicly.

The Brookdale media relations department intends to provide a comment on potential violations to their ethics policy, whether Stone is still a current employee, and on this matter generally, later today. We will update this story with their statement.

New York Times Trained Sixty Educators To Teach Students To Hate America In New Far-Left Program

The New York Times Is Running A “Teaching Project” Where 60 Educators From Public Schools Are Flown In From All Across The Country On An All-Expenses-Paid Trip To Learn How They Can Teach Students To Hate American Heritage And Support Reparations For Black Americans

In a move orchestrated by America’s former paper-of-record-turned-propaganda-machine, the New York Times is dragging in public school teachers from across the country to entice them to use the newspaper as part of their curriculum. Teachers who applied to the program were brought to the NYT headquarters for a three-day seminar explaining how best to implement the newspapers propaganda into their lesson plans.

Teachers at these seminars are taught how to brainwash students into believing in systemic racism, hating the police, believing reparations should be given out to African Americans, and, alarmingly, thinking that it is okay to invite convicts to live in ones home. Nationalist Review has included links to these lesson plans below. A considerable amount of the material is based around the infamous 1619 Project.

At the very end of this article, we’ve provided information on the 60 teachers who joined the program this year.

In a blog post published by the New York Times explaining the program, they use the example of one Ms. Amit-Cubbage who said she experienced difficulty in answering questions about President Trump’s plan to create a border wall:

“I didn’t know how we could talk about it in class with middle school kids,” Ms. Amit-Cubbage said. “I was up there in the front of the room trying to explain scary things, and it was hard for me…. [New York Times] helped me to help them develop a voice and stand up for what is right…”

Teaching Children To Support Reparations For The Descendants Of Slaves:

The program offers a number of lesson plans for teachers to lazily use as a framework for seeding progressive ideas in young minds. And thousands of students across the country are taking part in the comment section (which is open to students in middle and high school who are over the age of 13). Much attention is paid toward convincing children that the United States has a major problem with “systemic racism.”

In many of the lessons, the New York Times staff lead students through a writing prompt about controversial current events, and the answers the students provide are very much what you might expect.

Here’s a sampling of the articles they ask students to respond to:

A Metastasizing Cancer—How The NYT Teacher Project Spreads Within Schools:

Teachers who join the program are obligated to spread its message like metastasized cancer—educators must organize a faculty development meeting at their school to transfer the strategies to their colleagues who were not present for the seminar. And these programs, it seems, are very effective.

Take the high school in Marblehead, Massachusetts for instance: the school librarian, Susan Shatford, wrote a piece for the New York Times about how her entire school—“from the science department to the principal’s office“—uses the program to “teach” students. (As an added incentive, the New York Times is happy to boost the egos of these educators by granting them a byline in their paper.)

While the program is open to all private and public schools, preferential treatment was given to those coming from Title I districts—school districts with a high concentration of low income families.

Now, Here Are The 60 Teachers Who Have Been Inducted Into The NYT Cult:

NASA Goes “Woke” And Bans Use Of “Offensive” Names For Space Objects Citing Discrimination

NASA Will No Longer Refer To Nicknames Of Stars Like The “Eskimo Nebula” Or To Heavenly Bodies Such As The “Siamese Twins Galaxies” In Their Ongoing Effort To Prove There Is No Intelligent Life On Earth

NASA, under the stewardship of their Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, made the announcement Wednesday in a press release citing an urge to identify “systemic discrimination” in the scientific community. As such, the organization tasked with exploring space and identifying whether there is any intelligent life ‘out there’ has turned inward, and is instead seeking to prove that there is no intelligent life on this planet either.

The Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity also links to a curious set of websites to guide white scientists in their effort to become woke. One YouTube video is titled “A Call For White Humility In Response To Black Rage” which starts by heaping praises on the violent “rebellion” that followed the death of George Floyd. In fact, seven URLs have been added to their list of suggested readings since the riots began.

Take a look at their press release:

As an initial step, NASA will no longer refer to planetary nebula NGC 2392, the glowing remains of a Sun-like star that is blowing off its outer layers at the end of its life, as the “Eskimo Nebula.” “Eskimo” is widely viewed as a colonial term with a racist history, imposed on the indigenous people of Arctic regions. Most official documents have moved away from its use. NASA will also no longer use the term “Siamese Twins Galaxy” to refer to NGC 4567 and NGC 4568, a pair of spiral galaxies found in the Virgo Galaxy Cluster. Moving forward, NASA will use only the official, International Astronomical Union designations in cases where nicknames are inappropriate.

“I support our ongoing reevaluation of the names by which we refer to astronomical objects,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate at Headquarters, Washington. “Our goal is that all names are aligned with our values of diversity and inclusion, and we’ll proactively work with the scientific community to help ensure that. Science is for everyone, and every facet of our work needs to reflect that value.”

The complete release can be read here.

Oklahoma State University Bans White Student Staff From Joining Meeting, Says “Yes!” To Segregation

Oklahoma State University Says Yes To Anti-White Segregation, Violates Federal Law

Fred Dillard, the Interim Assistant Director of Residential Life at Oklahoma State University has seemingly violated the Civil Rights Act and, perhaps, the Equal Opportunity Protections Act by prohibiting white student “staff” from participating in a conference call for Residential Assistants in an email he sent out to student staff that was obtained by Nationalist Review.

Update: Nationalist Review has heard back from OSU regarding this incident. Their official statement has been included at the bottom of this piece.

An Attempt To Ban White Staff From Participating:

Dillard, who took over as the director in early July, has apparently chosen to polish his new seat with a little good ol’ fashion segregation. “This space is only for student staff of color,” his email ends, warning white “allies” and “non-staff of color” not to attempt to attend the social gathering.

Fred Dillard
Fred Dillard, Interim Assistant Director of Residential Life

OSU receives federal funding and it is therefore prohibited under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 from discriminating against and excluding anyone on the basis of race. Since these excluded individuals are also “staff” according to Dillard’s email, an argument might be made that he is also violating the Equal Opportunity Protections Act (although, while RAs are compensated for their labor in many ways, the Department of Labor does not classify Residential Assistants as employees at this time).

Residential Assistants are students who are compensated for maintaining order in college dormitories throughout the country.

Title VI Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964:

“No person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

It’s pretty clear that Dillard isn’t really interested in upholding this standard.

Segregation Is Back On The Menu At OSU: The Text Of Dillard’s Email

“I am excited to write to you about the Student Staff of Color social tomorrow! We will be hosting a virtual social on zoom for oue student staff of color. This social is totally option, and not mandatory. We have a very loose agenda planned for tomorrow, that includes introductions, playing an online game, and also just spending some time chatting. If you would like to attend this social, please fill out this short form, so that we can get you the access information:

Please note, this space is only for student staff of color, and not allies or non-staff of color. While we very much appreciate our allies, this is a space just for the student staff of color to be themselves.”

OSU Responds: “Not welcoming all staff members goes against our university and departmental values”

UPDATE: After publishing this piece, Nationalist Review received an email from OSU’s Monica Roberts reached out to request an update to this article and provided a statement from Leon McClinton, director of student housing and reslife. McClinton’s statement made no reference to the incident and was merely filled with platitudes about diversity and inclusion, ending with a comment about how anyone is welcome to join any session in the training program.

The entire response was framed in a manner that would confuse the reader into thinking that it was not whites who were barred from attending, but black people. Nationalist Review pushed back and received a second response from Roberts:

This has been a challenging time for all of our students. Between the national pandemic which by most accounts has hit the Black community especially hard, and the national racial tensions, the OSU staff member was trying to provide an opportunity for our residential staff of color to come together to support each other and their unique stressors during this time. However, not welcoming all staff members goes against our university and departmental values. The issue was corrected and everyone was invited to participate. Exclusion is not in line with university values to promote diversity and inclusivity and all those involved understand both the intent and the impact.

Just After FBI Disproves Noose Hoax, A Second Noose Appears On Sonoma Track

Sonoma Raceway General Manager Steve Page Says Noose Found On Track

Here we go again. . .

The FBI just recently revealed that the alleged “noose” hanging by the garage door of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace wasn’t actually a noose at all. Instead, it was just a rope with a hand-loop attached to the garage door in order to make pulling it closed a bit easier to manage.

That’s of course something anyone could have easily noticed from the functionality of the rope itself. Many even determined that it was just a means to assist in operating the garage door without having to handle it themselves. They even found other “nooses” (gasp!) hanging by the doors of white drivers.

Still, it took a crack shot team of 15 FBI agents to tackle this case and come to the determination that, surprise, surprise, the noose rope had been hanging in that doorway for well over a year.

Shortly after the feds did their little dance, NASCAR pushed out a statement making that whole fiasco where they carted Wallace around the track like he was Jesus on Palm Sunday a shameful embarrassment. Are you feeling let down that there isn’t anyone to cancel? Were your pitchforks well sharpened, your tar and feathers handy? Then don’t you fret! There’s another “noose” on the loose and it’s hanging in Sonoma.

This is the “second noose” that was just recently announced

The Sonoma County Sheriffs Office is hot on the case! They’ve deployed their ‘violent crimes‘ division. Hopefully they arrive to that tree before it suffers deadly asphyxiation. They’re also working with the FBI to determine how this absolutely sinister piece of fiber was placed there. Naturally, the FBI has all sorts of time to handle these sorts of issues but can’t bring themselves to investigate the nature of attacks on conservative journalists like Cassandra Fairbanks.

The following is the sheriff’s statement on the “shocking” discovery:

Yesterday at 10:06 am, deputies responded to Sonoma Raceway after receiving a call that a noose was found hanging from a tree near the old administration building. The suspected noose was found on Saturday, June 20, at approximately 8:00 am by an employee. The Sheriff’s Office began investigating this incident as a possible hate crime.
The quarter-inch thick rope was cut down by employees upon its discovery, then handed over to deputies yesterday. The tree branch was approximately 14 feet above the ground. The rope appeared to be weathered from being outside for an extended period.
A Raceway tenant remembered seeing the rope hanging from the tree about 7 to 8 years ago after crashing a model airplane. It was not tied in a noose at that time.
Violent Crimes detectives are looking through video surveillance footage for leads on a suspect.  This is all the information we have right now.
We are continuing to investigate this incident with the FBI and are committed to conducting a thorough investigation and trying to find the person(s) involved in this incident. We understand why this case is disturbing for many people. We take potential hate crimes very seriously and want everyone to feel safe in Sonoma County.

Video: A Postmates Driver With The Handle “White People Hate” Followed And Terrorized A White Woman To Her Home

Karlos Dillard, a driver for the delivery service Postmates, followed a white woman to her home, harassed and lied about his previous encounter with her, and uploaded it to social media. Dillard has been encouraging rioters to “shoot back” at police.

Dillard claims that a woman, who Nationalist Review will not identify for her own safety, ‘cut him off’ at an intersection. In response, the Postmates driver did what every rational human would do: he proceeded to follow her for three blocks, terrorized her, posted her license plate and address online, then bragged about the harassment campaign on social media. His Twitter handle is “@wypipo_h8” an ebonics term that translates to “White People Hate”.

“Guys this is her license plate number, this is her address,” Dillard says in his video panning the camera to her home. “She flipped me off and then she tried to come home,” Dillard says, not realizing that he just stalked a woman to her home for what he describes as a simple traffic disagreement.

Dillard attempts to justify stalking the woman by claiming that she said the “N” word, but what seems more likely is that he entered an episode of road rage. In fact, that claim of the “N” word seems to disappear and evolve into “you flipped me off” as the video progresses. Recognizing the racial tension currently brewing in society, Dillard likely decided he would upload the video and see if he could earn some praise. Unfortunately, he was right.

The video earned over 100,000 likes and tens of thousands of retweets.

Karlos Dillard has a history of falsely claiming that people have said the “N” word to him. While working as a Postmates delivery driver he attempted to frame an Asian-owned business for racism, perhaps believing that the COVID-19 pandemic would lay anti-Asian cover for him.

These sorts of incidents are becoming more frequent as anti-white racism, particularly directed at women, is at an all time high. Typically, white males have been targeted, but in recent months, a new online term, “Karen,” has been used to target white women that appreciate order in society.

“Shoot Back” Dillard Encourages Protests In America To Turn Violent And Spill Blood

Dillard is a proponent of not just violent protests, but protests that actually spill blood. In a video he uploaded to his Twitter account in 2017, Dillard encourages protesters to end the “Black Lives Matter” chant, opting in favor of a chant encouraging young black men to “shoot back” at police.

Grifting For MAGA Bucks: Dillard Claimed He Was A Trump Voter To Con Money Out Of The Tokenization Crowd

In a previous life, Dillard attempted to con money out of the conservative community by claiming that he supported Donald Trump and voted for him. It isn’t hard to figure out why, with a few favorable immutable characteristics anyone can do it. That’s why people like Diamond and Silk have amassed such a following—there’s no need to kid yourselves, it has nothing to do with brilliant political commentary.

Video: Second Night In A Row, Black Lives Matter Protest Ends In Gun Shots

Vigil For Rayshard Brooks Ends In Gunshots For Second Night In A Row, Camera Man Who Caught The Shooters Attacked, Protesters Demand He Delete The Footage

Last night, Nationalist Review reported that the vigil being held for Rayshard Brooks, a man who was killed by police after attempting to steal their taser, ended in gunshots fired from an unknown assailant at a nearby gas station. Tonight, once again, the protest was disrupted by gunshots:

From what can be glimpsed from available footage, tonight’s gunfire was almost certainly the result of attendees firing their rifles into the sky.

Julio Rosas, a reporter with Townhall, was on scene filming what he could of the situation and spotted a number of protesters, some armed, attacking a man who seems to have filmed the shooting incident.

According to Rosas, people in the crowd were beating the man and demanding that he delete the video he took. During the end of Rosas’ clip, one man wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt can be seen running with a gun in hand.

Another witness to the shooting recorded the aftermath of the event, explaining that men with guns were running to the scene apparently prepared for a shootout.

Last night, at least 20 gunshots were exchanged and one woman was wounded in the leg when a shooting occurred at the same protest site.

Video: One Shot At BLM Protest In Atlanta, BLM Assaulted Responding Police Officer

One Woman Shot In Leg During Rayshard Brooks Vigil In Atlanta

An unidentified shooter fired multiple shots during a vigil held for Rayshard Brooks, the black man lawfully killed by police after he assaulted an officer and stole his taser in an attempt to avoid arrest for driving while intoxicated. One woman was struck by the barrage.

Multiple attendees, who were heavily armed, then began returning fire. When responding officers arrived at the scene, one protester aggressively assaulted a member of the Atlanta police force.

The victim of the shooting, a woman, suffered a bullet wound to the leg that the Atlanta police department confirmed was not life threatening. The shooter seems to have taken up a position at a nearby gas station next to the Wendy’s where the protest was being held.

The shooting was just one of two that occurred this evening and another man was critically injured following an altercation that ended in gunfire around 10 PM.

At least 20 shots were discharged from at least three guns, victim of shooting was just a pace away from the man filming:

The streamer who was broadcasting the vigil was just an arm’s length away from the female victim.

When responding officers arrived at the scene, one protester assaulted them. He was not arrested:

One of the protesters at the vigil violently pushed one of the responding officers who arrived at the scene to assist with the situation. It does not appear that the perpetrator of the assault will face any criminal penalties for his actions and he was allowed to rejoin the other protesters moments later.

Moments before the gunfire erupted, video of protesters carrying rifles was released:

At this time no further information is available about the shooting. We will update this article when new facts come to light.

Video: New York Politician Directs Black Rioters To Loot In “Other” Communities

Buffalo city councilman Rasheed N.C. Wyatt recorded a livestream where he urged black rioters to do their looting outside of their own communities in order to avoid dissuading investors from developing black neighborhoods.

In an alarming post to his personal Facebook page, Rasheed N.C. Wyatt, a member of Buffalo’s city council, complained about the propensity for black rioters to loot and destroy their own neighborhoods. Exasperated with this dilemma, he came up with an idea: they could go do their looting in other communities.

Wyatt, representing the University District, is one of nine members serving on the Buffalo’s Common Council, which acts as the city government’s legislative branch.

“Don’t go that way, the police are over there,” Wyatt directs the rioters at the start of the video.

“We trying to do so much in our community, and I’m telling you, we can do better. We gotta find out how to do this. But not in a way that tears up our neighborhood. Why would we tear up our neighborhood? I see all the protests going on all throughout the country and we tearing up our neighborhood. Go somewhere else and loot, loot somewhere else. Don’t loot in our neighborhood.”

The obvious implication of his rant is that the individuals ought to be looting in predominantly white neighborhoods. During the 16 minute video, Wyatt helps direct rioters away from the police and towards safer places to cause mayhem, comments on how he believes Dr. Martin Luther King was only nonviolent because black people didn’t own enough guns to win, and stated that he believes looters should leave their own communities and wreak havoc in others.

“Do you know why Dr. King talked about non-violence? Because we don’t have enough guns.”

Wyatt had another alarming take on the civil rights movement during his broadcast. According to the Buffalo politician, Martin Luther King Jr. only advocated non-violence because black people didn’t have enough guns to win. To win what? A race war? Wyatt isn’t clear. The statement comes at about 11 minutes and 15 seconds into his stream.