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Category: Election 2020

Virginia State Senator Urges President Trump To Declare Martial Law

State Senator Amanda Chase says “Trump should declare martial law as recommended by General Flynn” Chase, who Fox News reports is known to carry a .38 revolver, issued the recommendation

Supreme Court Rejects Election Lawsuit Filed By State Of Texas

A lawsuit brought forth by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been rejected by the Supreme Court. The lawsuit, which hoped to invalidate the election results of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia,

Project Veritas Releases Interview With US Postal Worker Regarding Ballot Processing

Nationalist Review cannot confirm the contents of this video, but due to the urgent nature of the report and the need for timely developments, we’re publishing it here with a

Michigan: Poll Workers Cover Windows To Prevent Observers From Watching Ballot Counting Process

What’s going on in Detroit, Michigan? Poll workers hastily taped large poster boards over the windows of the room where ballots were being counted. The scene at Detroit’s absentee ballot

Republican Congressman And Family Receive Threat In Targeted Attack On Their Home

Republican Representative Tom Reed released an alarming statement about a threat that he and his family received outside their home in Corning, NY A dead animal and a brick with

Night Of The Voting Dead: Some States Will Count Early Votes From Those That Die Before Election Day

With the heavy increase in early voting, a curious question arises: what happens when an individual casts a ballot and then dies before election day? Well, the answer may surprise

Anonymous Website Hosts Database Of All Donald Trump Donors’ Addresses In Voter Intimidation Campaign

The website DonaldTrump.Watch created a database of every single person who donated to the Donald Trump campaign, using publicly available information provided by the FEC. The creator of the site

UPDATE: President Trump Responds To Twitter’s Election Interference

Trump Says He Will “Not Allow” Twitter’s Election Interference To Continue Moments ago, Nationalist Review published an article explaining Twitter’s recent foray into election interference. In an unprecedented act of

Alert: Twitter Caught Engaging In 2020 Election Manipulation

Twitter Begins To “Fact-Check” Tweets Posted By President Donald Trump, Leading To Information From CNN and The Washington Post We’ve released an update to this story. On Tuesday morning, President