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Category: Foreign Policy

Trump Condemns Pro-Abortion UN Response Plan

“The United States stands with nations that have pledged to protect the unborn.” The Trump administration is demanding that the United Nations remove references to abortion from their COVID-19 response

Chinese-owned slaughterhouse in America sued for enabling COVID-19 spread

Smithfield Foods Sued By Employers For Dangerous Work Environment The largest slaughterhouse in America—and the world—has been putting workers and the American public at risk. Its largest facilities operate in

Bill Clinton’s Administration Transferred $359 Million to Chinese Nuclear Program That Helped Pakistan Develop A-Bomb

In 1996, the Clinton Administration shepherded millions in loans, backed by the guarantee of taxpayer dollars, to China’s nuclear power program via the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im).

BREAKING: Israel Attacks Syrian Airbase

At approximately 10:10 PM local time, the Israeli Air Force conducted an air raid on the Tiyas Military Airbase (otherwise known as the T-4 Airbase). Initial reports indicate that a

Trump to sign bill with amnesty package for illegals while supporters distracted by impeachment

While much of the nation was focused on the ongoing impeachment charade, Congress pushed through an omnibus spending bill that will grant amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for thousands

A look at migrations consequences in Europe: “42 out of 100 sexual assaults” in Italy alone

It’s no secret, the face of Europe has been completely transformed due to the unfettered migration of “refugees from Middle East. It has taken years of uncontrolled and open borders, but to look across

China makes threat of terrorism in the United States, they’ll “pay the price” and see the White House “redecorated”

The cooling relations between the United States and China have further deteriorated following an implied threat from spokesperson Hua Chunying speaking on behalf of the communist regime. The statement comes

Historic Drug Bust: Colombian Submarine carrying 6,600 pounds of Cartel Cocaine captured in Spain

It has long been rumored that three sophisticated narco syndicates have been utilizing submersible technology to cross the Atlantic Ocean and deliver drugs from South America to Europe. While it

Khashoggi’s death was a brutal act of murder but that shouldn’t play any role in policy-making

National interest must be the sole motivating factor in the decision-making process of national policy.

Will peace finally arrive in Yemen? Only if the West cracks down on Saudi Arabia says Rand Paul

The rocket blasts will stop—at least for now—and the Shia muslims that comprise the Houthi coalition are expressing an interest in a broader cease fire agreement with the Saudi forces