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Category: Nationalism Worldwide

Radical Islamists Threaten To Behead Mayor Of City Where Teacher Was Decapitated A Week Ago

“Jérémy Breaud we will behead you,” threats left in city read: Thursday, three separate instances of graffiti were discovered in the Lyon metropolitan area threatening the life of mayor Jérémie

Massive Fire Erupts Inside Ancient Nantes Cathedral

Firefighters Are Battling To Save The Cathedral That Took 457 Years To Build Construction on Nantes Cathedral (officially known as Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul of Nantes) began

Hungary Bans Gender Reassignment On Gov’t IDs

The Hungarian Parliament voted Tuesday to prohibit transgender people from changing their gender on government documents. With overwhelming support, the measure passed their legislative body with 134 votes in favor

Italian parliamentarian calls for arrest of Bill Gates

Sara Cunial, an Italian legislator in the Chamber of Deputies, has gone viral after taking to the chamber floor to demand the arrest of Bill Gates. In a shocking and

Young conservative activist kills himself following brutal Leftist harassment campaign

On Sunday, Wilson Gavin organized a protest in Brisbane, Australia to challenge the presence of a Drag Queen Story Hour reading that was funded by the local government. Sadly, it

VIDEO: Iranian protesters detonate bomb at Tehran’s state-run conglomerate

UPDATE: It appears that MEK has taken responsibility for this attack. We will update the story shortly. Update 2: At present it is hard to clarify the details of this

UK: Diversity hire cop charged with “grooming gang” rapes was given employee of the year award

In 2016, PC Amjad Ditta was appointed as an officer of West Yorkshire Police to a new position dubbed the “positive action coordinator”. Essentially his role was to boost the

200 pound bomb seized by FBI in thwarted terror scheme targeting DC on election night

A man from Rockland County, New York built a 200 pound explosive device that he planned to detonate on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on election night. Paul Rosenfeld,

President of Interpol, originally reported missing, has been detained by Chinese ‘discipline authorities’ while on trip

Update: This story has been updated with additional information to better serve our readers. If you are returning to this article, excerpts from Human Rights Watch as well as a

Trump proven right again as Haitian trash pollutes American shores

When President Trump infamously (and only allegedly) referred to Haiti as a S-hole country, he was being a bit blunt but far more than fair.  Now, American shorelines are providing