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Oregon Teacher Tells Anti-Lockdown Protesters To Commit Suicide

An episode of extreme feminist neuroticism unfolded in Bend, Oregon today as a teacher stopped her car in order to shout obscenities at protesters who were demonstrating against lockdowns and

Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca Attempted To Use The White House Easter Egg Roll Tickets For Business Networking

An email between Rosemont Seneca’s Eric Schwerin and Hunter Biden shows the two discussing the prospect of using the White House Easter Egg Roll, implicitly to conduct business deals and

Hunter Biden Allegedly Exposed Himself To Underage Relative According To Former Trump Admin Official

According to Darren J. Beattie’s Revolver News, Hunter Biden did not just expose himself to underage girls as the bombshell text messages released today indicate, but he did so to

Viral 4chan Posts Claim They’ve Found A Way To Change People’s Votes In Oregon (Fact Check)

Posts from the anonymous message board 4chan going incredibly viral on social media have made the claim that the Oregon and Washington election websites have been exploited to change voter

Video: Colorado Democrat Leader Caught Plotting Violent Uprisings In Order To Prevent Trump’s Reelection

Kristopher Jacks was secretly taped by a Project Veritas operative and, in no uncertain terms, described the violent lengths he was willing to go to prevent a second term in

Video: Joe Biden Refuses To Commit To Not Packing The Court If He Is Elected

During tonight’s Presidential debate, moderator Chris Wallace actually held Joe Biden accountable and explicitly demanded an answer from Joe Biden over whether or not he would support expanding the Supreme

Video: “There’s Nothing Smart About You” Trump Tells Biden

The gloves are off in the first round of presidential debates with President Trump calling out Joe Biden’s intelligence: “Don’t ever use the word smart with me. There is nothing

Video: “Officer Down” Black Lives Matter Rioters Shoot Two Louisville Police Officers

Two Officers Have Been Shot By Black Lives Matter Criminals In Louisville This Evening Following The Grand Jury Announcement Regarding The Death Of Breonna Taylor Earlier Today Update: The count

Video: “Call The Cops!” Antifa Cries After Man Takes Their Megaphone While They Trespass On His Property

Rioters in DC were confronted by a man who was entirely sick of their nonsense this evening. With a swift lunge, he snatched their obnoxious megaphone right out of their

Here’s What Relatives Of Murderer Darius Sessoms Have Been Saying About His Slaying Of 5-Year-Old Cannon Hinnant

With Additional Comments From Other Members Of The Community, Nationalist Review Brings You Statements From The Family Of Murderer Darius Sessoms Who Shot Cannon Hinnant In Cold Blood Earlier today,