Brett MacDonald runs Nationalist Wire. Our work, by its very nature, is opinionated. But the underlying facts we include in our editorials are scrutinized by the strictest standards and cited in some manner readily accessible to the reader wherever possible.

As a matter of professional ethics, we pledge to tell the whole truth, or as near the truth as we can ascertain, without omission. While the stories, topics, or events we cover may be controversial, our conduct in discussing them should be nothing less than civilized society requires.

We pledge that our stories be driven by the public interest, not our personal bias or interest, that accuracy in reporting is given the highest priority, and that errors are minimized at all cost and corrected forthright upon their discovery.

We pledge to reveal sources wherever possible while also remaining diligent in our effort to protect sources that wish to remain anonymous. Should some insight be gleaned through an anonymous source, we will clearly indicate such a provenance to the reader and only use such information when it is reliable and necessary. The National Wire team will never disclose the identity of a source that comes to us while requesting anonymity.

Nationalist Wire will strictly observe attribution, and information will be drawn from a broad array of sources. We believe our work is best measured not by our political leanings but by our fairness in production—that we tell the whole truth, that we do not mislead or omit, that we do not hide our position, bias, conflict, or interest.

As an independent publication, we may at times request donations or funding to support our mission. Under no circumstance will this funding be allowed to dictate our editorial standards or threaten our integrity as an independent publication.

These standards have been greatly influenced by those set by Eugene Meyer in 1935. His publication has long since abandoned them.