Is this a “white supremacist” or “white nationalist” website?

This is not an ethno-nationalist or white nationalist website. We do not wish to begin on such a note, but unfortunately, our detractors who are the ones most likely to lodge this complaint are the least likely to read much more than a sentence. The explanation that follows will be written as dispassionately as possible.

We acknowledge that our immigration system has been abused and must be restricted, and we strongly desire the extreme reduction of legal immigration and the deportation of all those here illegally. Frankly, some of us would like it to be halted permanently.

But as for the members of this Republic, whether they be white, Hispanic, black, or Asian American citizens, they are Americans. 

We chose to set aside the many moral objections to ethnonationalism our team discussed, agreeing that they would only convey platitudes to those that disagree with our above position. To those that have come here seeking outrage, such arguments would merely serve as pandering.

What is your biggest concern in the upcoming election?

Our position is that, while the upcoming election is important, the more alarming question is what will happen in 2024. Nothing guarantees the phenomenon that elected Trump will persist as an efficacious force capable of capturing future elections. Very little coalition building has taken place in terms of political infrastructure, much of what has taken place has been guided by the hand of the RNC. Taking this great unknown for granted may prove to be the hubris that destroys the populist-nationalist wing in post-Trump elections.

The most cynical view on the matter might be the most realistic if things do not change in the next 6 years. Already, bad actors are taking advantage of this confusing situation. People like Charlie Kirk posture as a populist-nationalist while offering little in the form of substance to support his claim.

Political infrastructure? What do you mean by that?

What we need most are sustained, viable, and incremental changes that can benefit every American. A truly nation-focused platform that will fill the void and chaos that will assuredly follow the Trump presidency, whenever it may end. Neoconservatism is not dead, it is merely waiting.

We should start by pushing to reduce all forms of immigration with our eventual goal to be to limit it strictly to the preceding year’s emigration numbers. Ideally, these immigrants would be few, capable of assimilation, and hail from nations that have a similar ethos, quality of education, and cost of living.

How would you characterize the nature of the content you publish?

It’s opinionated journalism that makes an honest attempt to provide all possible facts. We’re conscientious of our role as distributors of information and are committed to an ethical standard, not merely committed to paying lip service to it. That said, to make sure you can keep us to our word, read our guidelines here.

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