Video: Black Lives Matter Leader Xavier “Princess” Warner Assaults Trans Person, Sparking Beating Of Adam Haner

Meet Xavier “Princess” Warner, A Leader Of Black Lives Matter, A Darling Of The Local Media, And A Vicious Street Criminal

Xavier “Princess” Warner is a thug who fired one of the first shots in a confrontation that ended with a good Samaritan, Adam Haner, lying unconscious and bloodied on the streets of Portland. Nationalist Review has previously reported on the identities of two other assailants, Marquise “Keese” Love and a man currently only known as “D.C.” who is directly tied to the leadership of Portland’s Black Lives Matter movement.

Just recently, we put out a piece on the victim, Adam Haner, after speaking with his brother who is organizing a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his hospital bills and vehicle damage.

In the video below, you’ll see Warner throw an open bottle of water at an individual who had just been robbed and beaten while shouting “go, just go!”

Xavier “Princess” Warner has been featured in multiple media outlets and was given a speaking spot during at least one Portland riot. He’s a regular in the riot crowd and revels in the explosives thrown at Portland government buildings. Here’s the clip of Warner throwing a water bottle at the head of the trans person which prompted Adam Haner to intervene.

After Haner gets involved, everything goes downhill from there. Eventually he’s chased from the area, suffers a blow to the head, and crashes his vehicle. He’s then forcibly detained, held to the ground, and beaten to within an inch of his life.

Warner Has Been Featured In Multiple Portland Riot Media Reports In A Favorable Light, Yet We’ve Revealed The True Nature Of His Character:

Below is a screen clipping from Oregon Live followed by some images of Warner at the site of the confrontation that led to Adam Haner’s assault.