Video: Antifa Agitators Punch, Throw Rocks At “Jews For Trump” Supporters During NYC Caravan

Multiple other acts of violence took place, see below for the complete set of videos:

This black bloc terrorist was quickly introduced to the pavement after throwing one of the weakest punches mankind has ever seen. The incident happened in New York today at the terminus of the “Jews For Trump” caravan that brought over 1,000 vehicles into the streets of New York in support President Trump’s reelection campaign.

The rioter in question throws a cheap shot from behind one of the pro-Trump participants before doubling down on cowardice and high-tailing it out of there. But he didn’t escape unscathed. A bystander, seeing the assault, quickly took action by tripping the assailant to the ground.

Multiple other Trump supporters are targeted with politically motivated violence, with one elderly man getting dragged around by his collar as the mob descended on him.

Other rioters targeted the pro-Trump vehicles, ripping down American flags and throwing red paint, rocks, and eggs at them:

One woman was arrested for spraying pepper spray on the Trump supporters:

Rocks were thrown at vehicles:

And eggs were tossed at them as well:

One man physically punched the passing vehicles:

Denver “Security” Guard Contracted By NBC 9News Was Unlicensed When He Shot And Killed Trump Supporter

Matthew Dolloff Was Operating In Violation Of The Law…

Andrea Flores of CBS Denver contacted the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses to request information on Matthew Dolloff and to inquire about his license as a security guard at the time of the shooting.

What Flores was told by a representative of the department, is that Dolloff is not, and has never been, licensed to work as a security guard in the city. Further, the department informed Flores that if Dolloff was working in that capacity, as 9News claims he was, he was operating in violation of the law when he killed Lee Keltner.

Keltner was a veteran, a hat maker, a father, and a Trump supporter. He died while acting in self-defense as the imposter security guard Dolloff attempted to reach for his holstered side arm. After deploying pepper spray in response to Dolloff drawing his own gun after his failed attempt at grabbing Keltner’s, he was shot and killed by Dolloff at point blank range.

9News further claims that they hired Dolloff through the Pinkterons, and the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses had more to share on that matter:

“The company he works for is also legally responsible for making sure all their security guard employees have a license and could face administrative action against their required security guard employer license if they have security guards working without a license. We have an open administrative investigation in this case. If there is a violation of Denver rules, the security guard employer is subject to having their license show caused and there would be a public hearing to determine the status of the license going forward. This case is in the investigative portion and there has been no show cause issued.”

Video: Trump Supporter Shot And Killed At Denver Rally, Shooter In Custody (Warning Graphic)

Warning: This Article Contains Graphic Videos And Viewer Discretion Is Advised

UPDATE: This story has developed considerably. Please read about the incident here.

A Trump supporter attending a Patriot Rally in Denver has been shot and killed after a confrontation broke out between conservative rally goers and Black Lives Matter/Antifa street criminals. The anarchists allegedly opened up with violence, throwing cans of soup at Trump supporters before one within their ranks opened fire.

Update: A witness statement has been added below.

According to the Denver Post, the Trump supporter deployed mace against the shooter just moments before shots were fired. We’ve compiled as much information as we could find about the incident and included videos below.

Denver Post:

A man participating in what was billed as a “Patriot Rally” that also included a presence of self-described BLM-Antifa  protesters, sprayed mace at another man and that man shot him with a handgun. Ambulances responded to the scene. Police said Saturday afternoon they were working on a homicide investigation.

The “Patriot Rally” in Civic Center was organized by John Tiegen, an El Paso County resident with a large social media following, who tweeted earlier this month that “BLM, Antifa and related Marxist associations are assaulting everything we love and cherish about this country.” The counterprotest has been billed by organizers on Facebook as a “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive.”

The shooting comes just less than a month before the upcoming presidential election and just over a month since anarchist Michael Reinoehl assassinated Trump supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson on the streets of Portland.

Denver Police have opened a homicide investigation.

Once again, we remind our viewers that this post contains information that isn’t appropriate for younger audiences.

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The Shooting:

A Second Arrest Was Made:

Witness Describes What He Saw:

Anarchists Delivered A Coffin Filled With Manure To The Asheville Police Department

Depraved and uncivilized rioters delivered a bizarre threat to the Asheville, North Carolina police department this evening during their riot that left one conservative investigative journalist hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury.

The mob brought a coffin filled with dirt and manure to the APD precinct. That’s right, they dropped off animal dung in a coffin.

Updates From The Asheville Police On The Course Of The Night’s Events

10:13 PM Protesters are at Roger McGuire Green and are refusing to follow commands from APD to disperse. One person has been assaulted and is being transported to Mission with injuries.

10:02 PM APD bike response team came to intersection of Patton and Biltmore. Protesters quickly dispersed heading down Biltmore Avenue.

9:54 PM additional warnings given to protestors blocking the road

9:45 PM Protesters have now blocked the entire intersection at Patton and Biltmore in front of the Vance monument.

9:31 PM Protesters have been given multiple warnings to leave the roadway, citing violation of state law.

8:53 PM Protesters continue to march through downtown blocking roadways and intersections, backing up traffic.

8:33 PM · Sep 23, 2020

Protesters have begun marching down College Street, on the roadway, blocking traffic.

8:31 PM · Sep 23, 2020

Protesters have left a casket full of dirt and what we believe to be cow manure at the front door of APD.

8:20 PM · Sep 23, 2020
Approximately 150 protesters have gathered outside the municipal building (where APD/AFD argue co-located) in downtown Asheville.

Video: Rioters Celebrate Hospitalization Of Journalist They Attacked In Asheville, NC

Chad Nesbitt Is Currently Hospitalized With A Traumatic Brain Injury As A Result Of The Attack

In another bout of what seems to be left-wing violence, Skyline News reporter Chad Nesbitt was assaulted in Asheville, North Carolina tonight. Skyline News is an investigative news team that covers all of western North Carolina. Nesbitt, one of their reporters, was out covering a local demonstration in response to today’s announcement regarding Breonna Taylor. In Nesbitt’s clip of the altercation, he can be seen surrounded by protesters. Nesbitt tells them several times “not to touch” him but the agitators only crowd closer and tell him that “no one is touching” him.

His Wife Reports He Suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury:

Nesbitt details that the protesters had congregated in front of the Asheville police department, and pans his livestream around to the people mobbing around him as the protesters call him a “piece of shit” and tell Nesbitt to stop touching them. As Nesbitt tells a man near him, “no one is touching you, sir”, his camera suddenly jerks up and his livestream abruptly ends. Another video picks up where Nesbitt’s stream ends, showing BLM agitators pushing one of Nesbitt’s friends – with an excessive amount of force – backward into Chad. A Facebook comment describing the incident specifies:

“So as you see in the video, Chad Nesbitt’s friend was pushed into him. Chad fell backwards and cracked his skull on a parking meter and was unresponsive…”

Despite the life threatening nature of Nesbitt’s fall, that hasn’t stopped people from celebrating the incident.

The fact of the matter is BLM protesters shoved Nesbitt’s friend – who may potentially be his bodyguard – into him with massive force which caused Chad to go down as well. Whether or not the protesters saw the parking meter behind Nesbitt is irrelevant. Nesbitt’s head took the brunt of the fall and he remained unmoving on the ground afterward, according to eye-witness accounts. As detailed by Caitlyn Penter – a reporter from WLOS 13, a local ABC affiliate – Nesbitt was taken from the scene by ambulance.

Nesbitt could likely see a lasting impact from the incident, be it brain trauma or -0God forbid– even death. For leftists to herald it as celebration truly shows how unhinged and depraved they have become. As of writing, Chad Nesbitt’s condition is unknown.

Rioting Newspaper Employee Arrested And Held On $1,000,000 Bail In Lancaster While Paper Tries To Hide It

Matthew Modderman, 31, Was Arrested For Arson, Institutional Vandalism, Riot, Disorderly Conduct, And Other Charges…He Is An Employee Of LNP Media Group, The Local Lancaster Newspaper

Matthew Modderman is an employee with the LNP Media Group which owns and operates LNP Online, Lancaster’s premier source for local news. His name is listed among several others who were charged for their involvement in the incredibly violent riot that took place as a result of the lawful killing of a black man who charged at police officers with a knife. Each of those individuals is also being held on a $1,000,000 bond despite protests from Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. Pennsylvania’s judiciary is wisely not playing around.

Modderman’s Mugshot

Modderman was charged with the following:

Arson (F1), Institutional Vandalism (F3), Riot (F3), Failure to Disperse (M2), Obstructing Highways and Other Public Passages (M3), Disorderly Conduct (M3) and Defiant Trespass (M3). (CrimeWatch PA)

People present that evening were given countless warnings by the organizing rioters who made clear that the night’s agenda did not include a peaceful protest. Over a megaphone, they announced without any confusion, that violence was the intended product of the evening’s event. Modderman apparently chose to stay and participate.

Nationalist Review called LNP Media Group to request a comment on the arrest of their employee. They did not sound pleased. “We’re not making any comments at this time,” and no one was available to speak further on that matter.

What we can say is that they acted quickly: all pages mentioning Modderman’s name have been purged. But that’s what web caches and archive sites are for, so here’s two links that verify he did work for them as a client services representative. (Archive 1, Archive 2)

Videos: Pennsylvania Riots Night One – All The Violent Clips Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Want You To See In One Place

Lancaster, Pennsylvania Turned Violent After Rioters Intentionally Circulated Fake News About An Autistic Child Being Killed By Police

If you want to skip ahead to the violence, we understand — you’ll find plenty of clips below just scroll to the heading that catches your attention.

Protests in Pennsylvania turned violent as Nationalist Review predicted they would following the intentional dissemination of misinformation about the shooting of an armed black man who charged at police with a knife. Black Lives Matter rioters, seeking to provoke the destruction of another American city, spread the word that fully grown man police lawfully killed was actually a 14-year-old child who was unarmed and diagnosed with autism.

Needless to say, this man did not have autism, nor was he a child. But he did have a violent criminal history which included at least one other stabbing incident during which he plunged a knife into four other people including one minor. But Black Lives Matter has never been an organization to let the facts get in the way of their looting and arson. As the clock ticked onward last night, that was exactly what Lancaster experienced.

By the end of the night, the few honest journalists present to document the terrorism had been harassed and intimidated by street thugs, the police station had been attacked, numerous shops looted, and fires lit.

Rioters Began Swarming The Streets After Police Shot A Violent Criminal Who Charged At Them With A Knife:

Then The Rumor Mill Began To Swirl: Rioters Intentionally Spread A False Narrative About The Deceased Being A 14-Year-Old Autistic Child

Again, this wan’t a child. It was a 27-year-old man with a history of psychopathic stabbing sprees. Why he was out of jail, we’re not quite certain. What we do know is that he attacked four people with a knife previously and police had to use a taser on him during that prior encounter.

Then The Riot Began: Riot Leaders On Scene Demanded That Parents With Children Leave The Area, The Implication Being That Things Would Soon Become Violent

Local Reporters Refused To Correct Rioters Who Again, And Again, Repeated The Same Fake Rumor About A Child Being Shot

By this point, all the facts had come to light. Body camera footage had been released, the DA had commented on the situation, the deceased subject’s criminal history had been discovered…but local mainstream affiliates who were on the ground continued to let rioters use their platform to spread a malicious narrative about a child being slain.

Independent Journalists Were Attacked For Filming:

Rioters Destroyed Police Cars With Bricks:

Rioters From Philly Allegedly Came In To Assist The Mob:

Conveniently, Local Media Left Shortly Before The Real Violence Began:

The Fires Were Lit:

Police Attempted To Disperse The Crowd With Irritants:

One Man Took A Canister Directly To His Crotch:

Then The Looting Began:

“They keep asking each other out loud when they are going to start breaking stuff and looting”

The Cavalry Arrives:

One Streamer Of Unknown Affiliation Was Tackled After Running From Police

Black Lives Matter Terrorists Dishonor September 11th Victims With “All Buildings Matter” Trend

Black Lives Matter Is Seeking To Rile Conservative And Patriotic Americans By Juxtaposing “All Lives Matter” With “All Buildings Matter” On The 19th Anniversary Of The Worst Terror Attack On US Soil

Were you wondering what these godless people might do to attack what it means to be an American on one of the most somber days in our nation’s history? Well, Black Lives Matter is here to make a mockery of the nearly 3,000 who died 19 years ago. Some users posted inappropriate jokes and others mocked conservatives, but more than a handful were genuinely annoyed that an annual tribute is paid to those who died that day. Below, we’ve included quite a number of statements made by BLM supporters and have archived them for the sake of posterity.

The hashtag #AllBuildingsMatter was ranked 2nd at the time of this publication.

Their argument, which even some within their own ranks found detestable, is idiotic without even considering the amoral nature in which it was delivered. There wasn’t a racial component to the September 11th attacks. That day was a great equalizer in tragedy. Dozens of blacks died—in the same rubble, the same fires, the same explosions—alongside other Americans of all races and creeds that day. Twelve black firefighters died rushing into the towers, 71 New York Police Officers, mostly white, departed this world with them. Remembering those lost is, without question, in line with the ‘All Lives Matter’ way of thinking. And that’s really the whole point, it was never about buildings—no one is mourning the building. It was always about lives.

That Black Lives Matter thinks their blatant disregard for those still mourning on this day is somehow a way to target white conservatives is simply stupid. Regardless of how anyone might feel about the warmongering in Iraq that followed or about lies our government told us in the immediate aftermath, good Americans agree: 11 September 2001 is a date which will “live in infamy.”

The Tweets:





The Commentary Was So Depraved That Even Some “ACAB” Adherents Spoke Out:


Black Lives Matter Rioters Published An Approved List Of Journalists That Cover For Their Crimes

The Rioters Have Compiled A List Of Friendly “Journalists” Who Help Shape A Narrative…If You’re Not One Of Them, They’ll Attack You

Antifa has compiled a list of pre-approved “journalists” who should be left alone if seen filming the riots. These so-called members of the press have agreed to a number of narrative shaping rules that help the rioters manage their public perception. You can view the file which Nationalist Review archived here. Additionally we’ve provided screenshots of document below.

“You Do Not Show Activists Faces”

Antifa-aligned “journalists” agree to a certain provisions that help cover for the rioters’ crimes, as Reason points out:

“The IPC and other documentarians who are deemed sympathetic to the activists’ cause agree on certain principles. You do not show activists’ faces. You only show activists in a defensive position: responding to, rather than inciting, violence. You enhance what can appear to be police brutality, e.g., activists defending themselves with homemade shields, often bearing the anarchist circle-A, against police. The shields are largely ineffective for personal defense, but extremely effective for optics, and that’s precisely the point. If a member of the IPC is arrested, he or she will be protected.”


If one of their chosen reporters faces charges for their conduct during the protests, they have an ample network of support ready to fight for them.

The Document:

Video: Trump Supporters Beat Up Antifa At ‘American Lives Matter’ Rally

Violence Erupted At The Salem, Oregon Rest Stop Of The American Lives Matter Caravan And Multiple Arrests Have Been Made

After over 100 nights of rioters burning America’s beloved cities, Trump supporters, conservatives, and rational Americans nationwide are understandably fed up. Today, a caravan of over 1,000 Trump supporters made their way through Salem, Oregon. Naturally, Black Lives Matter and antifa-affiliated rioters showed up to offer a counter protest.

Little information about what provoked these fights is known at this time, we’re bringing you the raw footage and will update this post with new information when it arrives.

Most of the clips below are from antifa-aligned journalists who embedded themselves into the conservative side of the protest. We cannot make any determinations about what caused this clash using their commentary and narratives. Trump supporters are not known to act out violently, so Nationalist Review suspects that further information, when it arrives, will reveal that they were provoked.


Tackling Antifa:

We believe this fight was instigated by antifa, the woman who pepper sprays the man at the end says “that’s for everything that you did to me.”

Police Have Attempted To Diffuse The Situation By Sending Both Groups To Separate Corners:

Apologies For The Commentary From The Streamer In This One…

A pervert is maced: