Gold-Digging? 19-Year-Old Married Her 89-Year-Old Dementia Patient, Bragged About Her Inheritance

19-Year-Old Olivia Stone Met 89-Year-Old Lee R. Hopkins While Providing Care For Him, According To Her Social Media Posts

Update: Brookdale has contacted the Nationalist Review to confirm that Lee Hopkins is not a resident at any of their facilities. It is unclear in what capacity Stone was tasked with providing care to the senior citizen before marrying him.

Update 2: An employee of Brookdale has reached out to state that Lee Hopkins was in fact a resident at the time Olivia was working there.

Olivia C. Stone married Lee R. Hopkins, who she described on social media as an 89-year-old resident of the senior living center where she works.

While Hopkins was not a full-time patient of hers, Stone got to know him while she was tasked with providing him pills on a number of occasions. According to Stone, Hopkins has trouble remembering her name and what day of the month it is, but still she pursued marriage with the man who is 70 years her senior.

Then she bragged about how she would inherit his money, laughed that he might be dead before Christmas, and asked potential suitors if they’d be interested in her after she became a widow.

But his dementia is far worse than she paints it to be.

Hopkins’ wife died two years ago by his side in a car crash, and both of them outlived their only son, leaving little third party support in place to protect the senior from potential exploitation. The car crash that took his wife, Elizabeth (who also lived alongside him in a senior living facility), was the result of Hopkins losing his way to the local IHOP.

Instead, he wound up 25 miles away from where they intended to go. Further underlining his cognitive decline, Hopkins at the time was unable to recognize his own pastor.

Arkansas marriage records with the Pope County Clerk’s office confirm that the two were married in September.

From that point on, Stone began making some alarming posts on social media. In private chats that were leaked and then confirmed by Stone, the teenager bragged about how she would inherit all of Hopkin’s money when he died.

Publicly, she said worse, laughing about how he might not survive until Christmas.

In other instances, Stone messaged people on Twitter asking if they would be interested in her after she was a widow.

The Brookdale Russellville location confirms on their social media accounts that she was an employee with them, publicly thanking her for the hard work she’s put into providing care for elders residing in their facilities.

Nationalist Review has contacted Brookdale Russellville’s location to ascertain what policies they have in place to prevent caregivers from starting romantic relationships with residents and exploiting them as some might say Stone has done in this instance.

Shortly before deleting her Twitter account (@BeanHype) under increased viral scrutiny, Stone maintained that their relationship was built on love. Meanwhile, she was plotting future loves with other suitors publicly.

The Brookdale media relations department intends to provide a comment on potential violations to their ethics policy, whether Stone is still a current employee, and on this matter generally, later today. We will update this story with their statement.