Watch: Portland Police Association Just Set On Fire By Antifa Arsonists

The Portland Police Association Has Been Set On Fire After Being Targeted By Antifa/BLM Arsonists

The Portland Police Association, the union that represents officers in the Portland Police department, has been set on fire tonight by members of the antifa-Black Lives Matter coalition that has been rioting in the city for the past 50 nights.

Protesters seem to have torn down a ‘no parking’ sign and, with the use of a ladder as a battering ram, smashed through the doors of the union lodge.

The arson attack comes just one night after it was announced that the union, sidestepping uncooperative city officials who snubbed the Trump administration, met with Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf:

A photo posted by Wolf on social media this morning shows him meeting with an officer wearing a Portland Police Bureau insignia on his arm. It appears to be an informal meeting inside the federal courthouse. “These valiant men and women have defended our institutions of justice against violent anarchists for 48 straight days,” Wolf captioned it. “We will prevail.”

The Portland Police department has just issued a declaration of an unlawful assembly, deployed gas canisters in the area, and has moved in to make arrests.

At the time of this article, a large crowd has gathered around the building, breaking windows, starting fires, and generally causing as much structural damage as they can.

Earlier today, city council members demanded that Mayor Ted Wheeler relinquish all control over the department so that they may begin to partially defund and institute lawless “reforms” that will neuter the departments ability to respond to violence on the city’s streets.

Video: A Group Of Violent Black Vigilantes Attacked 13 Cops Then Burned Down The Wrong House In Milwaukee

Smashing Officers With Bricks, A Violent Mob Burned Down One Home While Attempting To “Rescue” Girls They Believed Were “Trapped” Inside. The Girls Were Never Even There.

Two teenage girls were reported missing in Milwaukee on Monday, by Tuesday a large crowd of vigilantes had decided they cracked the case. This riotous mob decided that a vast conspiracy was underfoot and that these girls weren’t simply acting like irresponsible teenagers often do, but rather they were the victims of a large human trafficking ring.

More than that, they believed they knew exactly where the girls were being held. There was just one problem…

They got absolutely everything wrong, injured 14 public workers, caused three people to be sent to the hospital with gunshot wounds, burned the house of an individual who wasn’t connected with the disappearance, set fire to his vehicle, and when the damage was done, still considered themselves heroes.


Naturally, when a hero thinks two people are held hostage in a building, their immediate solution is to randomly shoot at it and then burn it to the ground. That’s how intelligent people rescue someone.

Some major black activists are still praising their campaign of brainless destruction:

Here’s how events unfolded:

They formed a mob and approached a house on the 2100 block of North 40th Street, armed with guns and with intent to gain entry at any cost, they refused to turn away. Officers had already been given a tip about this building and had searched the residence thoroughly multiple times. The girls were not found.

The resident, realizing that their life was in danger, fired upon the unruly horde attempting to dissuade them from continuing with their attack. A brief gunfight broke out. Three people were shot and all are expected to survive.

Officers, aware of the missing girls and alerted to the possibility of vigilante action were notified by the city’s ShotSpotter that gunfire had been identified at that location and once again dispatched units to the scene. When they arrived, they found the mob had begun to set fire to the residence and the owner’s vehicle.

They attempted to disengage the mob from the homeowner and for their trouble they had bricks and concrete thrown at them. Back up was requested and officers worked quickly to provide cover for firefighters to extinguish the flames. One firefighter was injured in the course of this struggle.

All told, ten officers were injured. When they were finally able to subdue the violent rabble, the police left. But the vigilantes were not done.

Shortly thereafter, the fire was reignited by a second wave of the mob. Firefighters were then dispatched to the scene. And three additional police officers were injured by the rioters who belted them with bricks.

Here’s the kicker. The girls turned up later that evening. They were never at the residence on North 40th Street. The mob burned down the wrong house, attacked officers who were trying to restore peace, and injured at least one firefighter.

The girls seem to have returned to their family on their own, never once went to the residence on North 40th Street, and were never victims of human trafficking.

A number of suspects involved in the arson and shootings have been identified:

Milwaukee Police are currently investigating the identities of those who committed arson as well as those that fired upon the residence.

MPD released the following statement about the incident:

MPD put out a statement explaining the entirety of this report. It can be read here.