Attempted Murder: Man Yells “Black Lives Matter” As He Stabs Stranger In Aurora, Colorado

A Black Lives Matter supporter is accused of attempting to murder a man while shouting “Black Lives Matter” as he plunged a knife into his victim

The assailant, 30-year-old Steve Sinclair, stabbed 29-year-old Michael Conner. Conner was transported to a local hospital where he is expected to live and relayed to police the chain of events that led up to the incident. Conner has a 5-month-old son and is the main provider for his family. He will be out of work for the next 6 weeks and his family is hoping the community will help donate to keep him afloat. They’ve only raised $190 dollars so far!

The local NBC affiliate was first to report:

Steve Sinclair, 30, now faces potential first-degree murder and hate crime charges, documents show.

An arrest affidavit says Sinclair used a knife to stab 29-year-old Michael Conner who was transported to the hospital for his injuries and a collapsed lung. Conner, a white male, told police while at the hospital that Sinclair, a Black male, shouted “Black lives matter!” prior to stabbing him, according to the report.

It’s unclear from the report what may have led up to the incident, but police say witnesses saw Sinclair walk up to Conner and said, “I’m going to kill you and your dog.” One witness said Conner tried to run away and defended himself with a stick.

When police arrived at the scene, Sinclair allegedly continued to yell “Black Lives Matter” and indicated that he wanted police to shoot him. Whether this was an attempt of suicide by cop by a mentally unstable person, or an act of political martyrdom from someone hoping to stoke the flames of political anarchy, remains to be seen.

In any case, this is one of those stories that won’t be seen unless you, the reader, share this information and say his name everywhere you can: Michael Conner.

National Mainstream Media Outlets Have Once Again Failed To Report On Black On White Hate Crimes Covered By Their Affiliates:

Nationalist Review, noticing that the local NBC affiliate had covered this story, checked in on their national news site and ran a search for the suspects name. The results of that search did not include any stories related to this incident. This deliberate omission is part of a long running pattern in the national media. Time and time again, local affiliates are on top of a story and their sister organizations refuse to cover it (or only do so well after the story has become too hard to ignore).

It was the case with Veronica Baker, Cannon Hinnant, and countless others. We’ll leave it up to the reader to determine why that may be.

The local CBS affiliate also covered the story, the national website has not:

Rioter In Aurora, CO Takes Aim At Vehicle…Shoots Two Other Rioters Instead

Watch: The Shooting Incident Occurred On Interstate 225 In Aurora, Colorado, One Rioter Was Struck And Transported To A Local Hospital, A Second Arrived Later But Had Only Suffered A Graze Wound

Update: This story has been updated with a second angle of the shooting incident. Please note that vehicle appears to have a flat front tire indicating that before they sped off (through an open lane) they had already been mobbed by rioters. Furthermore, the video shows that there were no rioters in the vehicles path and no one was in any danger. Still, the rioters chose to shoot at the vehicle in question.

A green jeep stumbled upon the riot taking place in Aurora this evening and, after receiving harassment from the miscreants clogging the interstate, fled in a panic. Shortly after they sped off, one of the rioters discharged five shots in their direction. His aim was true, that is to say he struck two other rioters.

This is the second time today that elements from the antifa-BLM coalition have accidentally shot each other. Earlier today, members of the ‘Not F*cking Around Coalition’ marched through Louisville and, when one of their rifle toting militants suffered heat stroke, an accidental discharge resulted in one other militant being wounded.

Aurora Police issued the following statement: “While the protesters were walking on I-225, a vehicle decided to drive through the crowd. A protester decided to fire off a weapon, striking at least 1 other protester. They were transported to the hospital in stable condition.”

It’s not a good day to be a radical leftist.

Aurora PD Has Confirmed The Shooting Incident:

Here’s a short video (by an antifa sympathizer) of the vehicle in question: