Joe Biden’s Twitter Account Just Got Hacked By Bitcoin Scammers

Bitcoin Scammers Hack High Profile Public Figures… Joe Biden Falls Victim To The Ploy

UPDATE: Former President Obama’s account has also been hacked.

UPDATE 2: The Bitcoin flagship account, @bitcoin, was also hacked. It’s increasingly clear that the hackers must have targeted a third party platform that all of these major accounts allowed to access their Twitter handles.

UPDATE 3: All tweets seem to be sent from the “Twitter Web App” this indicates that a third party was NOT hacked. It seems like Twitter itself was compromised.

UPDATE 4: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is the owner of Square subsidiary CashApp—Cashapp was also hacked.

UPDATE 5: Twitter HQ loses its mind, locks every verified account out of posting. Twitter is officially a good website again.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has been hacked by Bitcoin scammers alongside other notable public figures such as Kanye West, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Michael Bloomberg. Judging by the large swath of accounts that were hacked, it appears that some third party posting service was hacked and enabled the scammers to access multiple big accounts.

Warren Buffet was also hacked. Major corporations like Apple and Uber also fell victim to the scammers. Major crypto businesses like Coinbase, Coindesk, Gemini, and Binance were also hacked.

If Joe Biden can’t even secure his Twitter account, how can he be trusted to run a country?