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Tag: Black Lives Matter

Trump Supporters Burn BLM Flag In “Enrichment Ceremony” Honoring Proud Boys Leader

Then foolish police officers stepped in to put out the flames… Trump supporters looking to release some pent up frustration took to the streets early this evening in preparation for

GoFundMe Allowing Leftist Murderer Matthew Dolloff To Fundraise For His Legal Defense While Banning Similar Conservative Fundraisers

Despite removing numerous conservative fundraisers from the platform, GoFundMe is allowing the man who killed veteran Lee Keltner to collect money for his defense DENVER: A protester shoots another protester

Video: Portland Antifa Destroy Statues Of Abraham Lincoln And Teddy Roosevelt In “Day Of Rage”

Petulant Morons Angry About Columbus Day Took To The Streets Of Portland To Destroy America’s History In incoherent rants, the so-called “indigenous” sect of antifa organized a “Day of Rage”

Denver “Security” Guard Contracted By NBC 9News Was Unlicensed When He Shot And Killed Trump Supporter

Matthew Dolloff Was Operating In Violation Of The Law… Andrea Flores of CBS Denver contacted the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses to request information on Matthew Dolloff and to

“He’s One Of Us” NBC 9News Reporter Kyle Clark Supports Antifa, A 9News Bodyguard Just Killed A Trump Supporter

As journalists move away from character assassinations and towards the more literal variety, it’s important to keep in mind that many of these folks have already drawn their battle lines.

Video: Trump Supporter Shot And Killed At Denver Rally, Shooter In Custody (Warning Graphic)

Warning: This Article Contains Graphic Videos And Viewer Discretion Is Advised UPDATE: This story has developed considerably. Please read about the incident here. A Trump supporter attending a Patriot Rally

Video: Police Officer In Baltimore Brutally Beaten And Knocked Unconscious

The Attack Comes One Day After A Bus Driver Was Executed By A Passenger Police are searching for at least one suspect (pictured below) who is believed to have been

Yelp Now Labelling Businesses As “Racist” Which Will Inevitably Result In Black Lives Matter Attacks

The Consumer Review Community Is Now Openly Putting Bullseyes On Businesses In A City Near You The Black Lives Matter movement has sparked numerous instances of corporations bowing before the

Video: To Help Looters Steal, Convenience Store Employee Hands Out Bags

A convenience store employee was caught on camera handing out bags to rioters who were looting the establishment he was responsible for. While it is one thing to prioritize your

Video: Armed Rioters Destroy Homes, Loot Businesses In Wisconsin Following The Shooting Of Alvin Price

One Rioter Was Seen Brandishing A Gun As Others Destroyed Homes And Businesses Update: Riots have broken out 10 minutes away in Milwaukee as well. Update 2: A U-Haul has