New Black Panthers Shut Down Corner Store And Intimidate The Clerk With Firearm

Virginia’s New Black Panthers Swarmed Into A Convenience Store, Intimidated The Clerk, Stole The Store’s Gun, And Forced Him To Close Down The Business

The New Black Panthers swarmed into a Norfolk, VA convenience store, swept behind the counter, grabbed the store owner’s gun, and ordered the managing employee to shut down the business for the day. Nationalist Review has reached out to the Norfolk Police to ask whether they were aware of this incident and if any charges will be filed. What we can say is that there haven’t been any charges yet—the leader of the group, Mike Pain, is still posting on social media.

So let’s get this straight. A group of black men can walk into a convenience store, walk behind the counter, take the store’s gun, brandish it at the clerk, and get him to shut down the establishment. And nothing happens. But a white guy, sitting in his own home, with a group of rioting Black Lives Matter members trespassing on his property, isn’t allowed to hold a shotgun.

This video was shot by “Mike Pain The General,” a leader of the New Black Panthers, and demonstrates a pattern of intimidation and harassment. In the video, he claims that the clerk used the “N” word, but honestly it doesn’t seem like the clerk even understands what’s going on. Furthermore, Pain makes the mistake of changing his accusation in the caption of his video, wherein he states the clerk called a black female a “monkey b****.”

It might seem like a minor detail, but it should be an easy one to remember: did the clerk allegedly call the woman the N-word or did he call her a monkey? Mike Pain doesn’t seem to know. In any case, that doesn’t excuse them for going behind the counter and taking the firearm owned by the store owner. Nationalist Review has preserved a copy of this video.

WATCH: Black Panthers Attempt To Shut Down D.C. Restaurant In Act Of Revenge

Black Panthers surrounded Yum Yum’s restaurant on Washington’s 14th Street To Start Anti-Asian Campaign

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Foreigners Now Own 27.3 Million Acres of American Land, Equal To Entire State of Ohio

Earlier today, the New Black Panthers targeted an Asian-owned restaurant in Washington D.C. to dole out a bit of retribution. Citing the expulsion of Africans in China, the group blockaded the local Chinese restaurant and while members in the background hoisted a Pan-African flag, one member on a loudspeaker began issuing his proclamation.

Outside the Chinese Embassy

“Harm to black people in Africa, can bring harm to Chinese interests in America…And it can have serious repercussions. And so today, we have started our international economic sanctions campaign. The nerve of these bastards. They start the damn virus, then blame the black man. It has killed 50,000 black people, alone, in the last two months. The Wuhan Virus. And then they’ll jump on the black man in China, and blame the black man. They’ve kicked the black man, by the tens of thousands, into the streets of China. It’s the Chinese or the Korean or anybody else, sucking our blood. I say they are the bloodsuckers of the Black Nation.”

The group promises protests in the following locations: North Carolina, Atlanta, Michigan, Milwaukee and Madison, Houston, Louisville, London (UK).

“We not stupid. We not dumb. We very, very educated. Happy birthday to Malcolm X.”

A journalist with Mother Jones was passing by when she noticed the commotion and was first to report the incident to her Twitter followers. At the time, she was not sure exactly why they were protesting the DC restaurant, but the group made that information clear in a press release and news conference.

According to the demonstrators, today is just the start of a long campaign that will be carried out from city to city across America. Whether such a campaign will ever come to pass remains to be seen. But the entire video is absolutely hilarious and we highly recommend you give it a listen.

“International Economic Sanctions”

According to a press release from the group, they assembled today in order to “announce national and international economic sanctions and a boycott campaign against Chinese businesses in America, and Africa, suffering from vicious human rights violations.”

A formal presentation was delivered to the Chinese embassy in DC, which the group says will “serve the process of formal diplomatic notices upon the Chinese Government on behalf of two-billion Africans worldwide and fifty-million Blacks inside the United States.”

A promise of future protests in 20 cities across America…

“Several National Black groups and activists will take to street action in 20 cities. Live demonstrations will take place at local Chinese business outlets that are open during the pandemic. These demonstrations are designed to shut these businesses down and send a message to China that Harm to Africans in China can bring Harm to Chinese in America, Africa, and worldwide,” the press release reads.

The group did not seem particularly interested in verifying whether businesses were owned by Chinese Americans or Chinese immigrants—and they are going to be targeting restaurants, beauty salons, and any business they can paint as Asian-owned.

A complete list of the protest locations for the first phase of this amusing campaign:

Atlanta, GA – China Town 5383 New Peachtree Road – Chamblee GA
Benton Harbor, MI – (see
Charlotte, NC – Carolina Beauty Store – 3301 Freedom Drive
Delaware: – (see
Harlem, NY – Red Star Restaurant 7th Avenue at 123rd
Hawaii – (Hawaii Pan-African Association – Live Educational Webcast – 10 am EST
Houston, TX – Kim’s Food Mart – 9851 Mesa Drive
Jacksonville, FL – Beautys R US – 7912 Lem Turner Road
Kansas City, MO – 1319 Brush Creek Boulevard
Madison, WI – (see
Maryland – (see
New York, NY – Red Star Restaurant – 2060 7th & 125th Street
Norfolk, VA – (see
St. Louis, MO – Harold’s Chop Suey – 1122 Union Boulevard
St. Louis, MO – Bing Lau Chop Suey – 3101 North Grand Boulevard
Washington, DC – Yum-Yum’s Restaurant – 1413 14th Street – Protest Site: 14th & Rhode
Washington, DC – News Conference: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United State – 3505 International Place NW