Watch: Gunshots Erupt As Louisville Rioters Turn Violent, BLM Falsely Accuses Police

Riots In Louisville Turned Violent Thursday Evening As Gunshots Were Discharged, Viral Tweets Incorrectly Blamed The Police Officers On Scene

Riots in Louisville, Kentucky took a dramatic and violent turn shortly before midnight when multiple gunshots injured at least seven victims leaving one critically injured, according to a police spokeswoman who issued a statement at 1 AM on Friday. Multiple witnesses were on scene live streaming during the incident, and viral social media posts quickly spun the story as another incident of police brutality (see the last section of this article for examples).

“There have been some arrests, but at this time we are not able to tell you how many as the situation is ongoing,” spokeswoman Alicia Smiley said. The names of those arrested will be released sometime tomorrow. While not much other information was offered, Smiley insisted that no police officer on scene discharged their firearm. In other words, the gunshots came from the rioters themselves.

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At least one video of the injured victims has surfaced:

Here are some of the angles of the shooting incident:

The Violent Rioters Were Attempting To Flip An Prisoner Transit Vehicle Shortly Before The Shooting Began

They Ransacked The Louisville Metro Police Department

Destruction of the statue of King Louis XVI, the statue’s hand was torn off and stolen

Black Lives Matter Rioters Falsely Claimed The Police Began Shooting “Protesters”