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Tag: Buffalo

Video: Police Shoot Violent Subject Who Was Beating Female Rookie Cop To Death

The Suspect, Willie Henly, Is “Alive And Talking” After Ofc. Karl Schultz Shot Him As He Brutally Beat A Female Rookie Cop With A Bat Nationalist Review spoke to sources

Video: New York Politician Directs Black Rioters To Loot In “Other” Communities

Buffalo city councilman Rasheed N.C. Wyatt recorded a livestream where he urged black rioters to do their looting outside of their own communities in order to avoid dissuading investors from

Video: Police Attacked By Rioter Who Drove Car Over Buffalo Officers

Buffalo, New York Riots Have Escalated With A Number Of Officers Being Run Over By A Rioter It’s unclear at this time how many officers were hit and what condition