San Francisco Government To Pay Black Women $1,000 A Month To Have Children

The Program Is Partially Funded By The San Francisco Government And Will Give Checks To Minority Pregnant Women For Each Month Of Their Pregnancy And For The First Six Months Of The Baby’s Life

The government of San Francisco wants to pay minority women—specifically black and Pacific Islanders—to have babies. The office of San Francisco Mayor London Breed released the announcement concerning the controversial program yesterday. In a partnership with The Abundant Birth Project, the government will pay black and Pacific islanders $1,000 a month for the course of their pregnancy and an additional $1,000 for the first six months of the newborn’s life.

But wait, there’s more!

The government noted that they hope to expand this program so that it can cover a full two years of the baby’s life, which would bring the total to a whopping $33,000 per baby.

From the announcement:

“Mayor London N. Breed, in partnership with Expecting Justice, today announced the launch of the Abundant Birth Project, a pilot program that provides targeted basic income to women during pregnancy and after giving birth. The pilot will provide an unconditional monthly income supplement of $1,000 to approximately 150 Black and Pacific Islander women in San Francisco for the duration of their pregnancy and for the first six months of their baby’s life, with a goal of eventually providing a supplement for up to two years post-pregnancy. “

The program will start with just 150 women, and while the press release markets the initiative as a means to “study the health impacts of providing people with targeted supplemental income” during pregnancy, the reality is this is a racist agenda dripping in hypocrisy.

A sensible person would notice the contradiction quickly: why would a city inside of a state so obsessed with global warming be itching to provide incentives for more children? The ideological group this program is coming from has been clear on their stance towards nativity: more children are a threat to the so-called climate crisis. They’ve said it time and time again.

In any case, Nationalist Review encourages white, Asian, and Latino women to do the logical thing here: sue.

Sue them for racial discrimination. The government of San Francisco has provided $200,000 to fund this endeavor which they’ve sneakily packaged as a research study. It’s an underhanded way to provide legal cover for a program that is despicable.

You’ve heard of Universal Basic Income and now you’ve met it’s ugly cousin: Exclusionary Basic Income.

Video: Black Conservative In San Francisco Shouts “White Lives Matter” While Confronting Liberals

Here’s A Video Making The Rounds Today — YouTube User “Savage Audits” Makes The Case For The Sanctity Of All Lives In San Francisco

YouTuber “Savage Audits” made his way through Burlingame, a small city on the edge of San Francisco, while shouting about the increase of segregated “safe spaces” on college campuses that prohibit the presence of white students. As he walked by, a number of residents responded to him, with some even reacting positively.

Others were confused to hear this messaging coming from a black American. Most were angry—they even called the cops on him. (Video below.)

Savage Audits

“I know that [anti-white rhetoric is] wrong as a black man!”

“You’re not even white,” one black teenager shouted at him.

“That’s right, that’s the whole f***ing point. That’s the point. We’ve got a**holes in this country, white, black, and everything in between, telling us that there is something wrong with being white,” Savage Audits responded. “And I know that’s wrong, as a black man.”

Eventually he ran into a man who attempted to pick a fight with him, an Asian American tried to steal his phone, and a small mob of teenagers began to follow behind him.

One woman nodded along as Savage Audits listed the accomplishments of Europeans and others were surprised to hear that colleges have begun re-segregating certain areas of campus, like Oklahoma University chose to do earlier this month.

Some were not so welcoming to his message:

One woman got in his face to flip him off. Another man dressed in motorcycle gear began to follow him shortly thereafter. When Savage Audits tried to tell the man to stop following him, the man attempted to instigate a fight. The instigator claimed he was a “conservative,” and maybe that’s true, but his reaction to a simple and peaceful message leads Nationalist Review to expect otherwise.

The Instigator.

“Back the f*** up,” the man stalking him said. “You want to press me?” It was clear at this point that he wanted to start a fight.

He later cried to YouTube to have the video removed. Savage Audits uploaded the complete version, embedded above, to his Bitchute channel.

Here’s the edited YouTube video that removed the confrontation with the “conservative”

Pandemic Parolee Accused Of “Random Act Of Murder” Released 80 Days Early By State Officials

Martin Alvarez Jr. Is Accused Of The August Stabbing That Killed The 39-Year-Old Michael Wagley… Alvarez Would Still Be Imprisoned If Not For Early Release

A recently released prisoner was given parole 80 days early due to COVID-19, now he stands accused of what prosecutors describe as a “random act of murder.”

State officials released Alvarez 11 weeks early, but just three weeks after he was let loose into the general public, he allegedly stabbed a random stranger in a Pacific Beach public bathroom.

Martin Alvarez

That stranger, Michael Wagley, did not survive the attack which started with a stab to the neck and ended with his skull fractured against the restroom tile. Alvarez reportedly fled the scene on a bicycle shortly after the murder.

He had been incarcerated for robbery and assault in 2017.

In order to qualify for an unrelated early release, Alvarez merely had to keep his nose clean for four months. From the start of March until the beginning of July, he did just that. It wouldn’t have mattered if this violent criminal had smashed someone’s teeth in during the month of February, so long as he could keep himself under control for that one quarter.

This bonus for good behavior gave Alvarez just enough credit to qualify for an additional pandemic-related release program organized by the Government of California under the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Without this additional credit, Alvarez would not have been released until December of this year. Instead, he was released on 30 July 2020.

After his release, Alvarez did not check in with his probation officers, yet he was not picked back up and brought in. He was free to prowl the streets and take another man’s life.

He did just that.

Brutally Beaten 80-Year-Old Grandfather Dies After Vicious Thug Attacks Him In Grocery Store Bathroom

Robert Flores Lopez Suffered For Weeks After He Was Attacked In Early July, Last Night His Family Announced He Had Died From His Injuries

On the 8th of July, 80-year-old Robert Flores Lopez was targeted for a mugging by 22-year-old Damaris Wade. Lopez was shopping with his wife at the Superior Grocers in Lancaster, California when Wade followed him into the bathroom, attacked him, stole his wallet, and left him bleeding on the floor.

Lopez suffered a broken jaw, nose, and ribs. He was concussed. He suffered internal injuries.

And then he suffered for the next six weeks.

That’s right, for six weeks Lopez clung to life as he fought to remain with his wife Amelia, their four children, and their 16 grandchildren.

On Tuesday, that fight ended, and Lopez succumbed to his injuries.

Justice For Lopez: Family Demands Charges Be Upped To Murder

His murderer, Damaris Wade, turned himself in to the authorities days after the attack and was charged with attempted murder, elder abuse with the infliction of injury, and second-degree robbery. He has a prior 2016 conviction for robbery.

Now, the family of the deceased is demanding that those charges be increased and that Wade be prosecuted for murder.

And if there is any justice in this world, they’ll win.

“Good Citizens Are Going To Be Turning Revolutionary Pretty Soon” Angry Veteran Confronts Lawmakers Over Quarantine, Warns Of Uprisings

Shasta County, One Of The Most Republican Counties In California, Had Some Choice Words For Their Board Of Supervisors

Carlos Zapata, a veteran and local business owner, had some of the most moving lines during the 6 hour meeting that took place a week ago in Shasta County (video below).

Please note: the video misidentifies the speaker as “Carlos Piccata” Nationalist Review has reached out to the correct individual, Carlos Zapata and we are awaiting comment.

“You guys can sit here with your jobs, you can sit here and fall asleep like that gentleman is with the mask on,” Zapata began before turning it up a notch. He delivered his remarks before the Shasta County Board of Supervisors at a packed hearing with over 80 different speakers. Zapata was just one of many who came with a warning, but his words were particularly to the point.

“It’s Not Going To Be Peaceful Much Longer…”

“It’s not going to be peaceful much longer. This isn’t a threat, I’m not a criminal, I’ve never been a criminal. I’m concerned. Good citizens are going to be turning into revolutionary citizens pretty soon…You won’t stop us when the time comes, because we’re starving.”

“This Is A Warning For What’s Coming…I Went To War For This Country”

“This is a warning for what’s coming,” Zapata continued. “It’s not going to peaceful much longer. It’s not going to be rah-rah. It’s not going to be speeches. It’s not going to be gathering outside saying the pledge of allegiance. It’s not going to be waving flags. It’s gonna be real. When you’ve seen the things that I’ve seen—I went to war for this country—I’ve seen the ugliest, dirtiest part of humanity.”

“I’ve been in combat. And I never want to go back again. But I’m telling you what. I will to save this country and if it has to be against our own citizens it will happen. And there’s a million people like me and you wont stop us. Open the county. Let our citizens do what they need to do. Let owners of businesses do what they need to do to feed their families.”

We’ll work with law enforcement or without law enforcement.
– Carlos Zapata

Zapata Also Called On The Board To Recognize The Loss Of Life Their Decisions Have Led To:

“I’ve had six friends kill themselves–veterans who lost their jobs. You claim to be conservatives, maybe you’re liberals, I don’t know. Join with us, fight with us. Against whats going on in Sacramento.”

Murderers Among 17,600 Inmates To Be Released In California Coronavirus Jailbreak

State Officials Say That Up To 17,600 Inmates Could Be Released In COVID-19 Protection Program, Violent Criminals Among Them

3.500 prisoners were released in April. Among them, several hundred infected prisoners were allowed to leave, with thousands more to come according to a report from the local affiliate in Los Angeles.

Among those already released is Terebea Williams.

She has served only 19 years out of her 84 years-to-life sentences for first-degree murder after she forced a man at gunpoint into the trunk of his car, shot him, and brought him to a hotel to bleed out. Williams has been released due to concerns that she may be vulnerable for the virus.

11,500 To Be Released In August:

The first 3,500 inmates were freed in April to create space in crowded prisons and 6,900 more were deemed eligible for release in early July. Officials said other inmates would be eligible under different release programs but couldn’t provide an estimate.

In a filing last week with a federal judge who oversees one of the major lawsuits facing the prison system, officials increased the estimated total of releases from 10,400 to 17,600. However, prison officials say Corrections Secretary Ralph Diaz is likely to block the release of about 5,500, in part because many are serving life prison sentences.

Nationwide, more than 100,000 people were released from state and federal prisons between March and June, a decrease of 8%, according to an analysis by The Marshall Project and The Associated Press.

California Police Chiefs Association president Eric Nuñez said he understands the urgency of reducing the prison population but is alarmed by the release of some violent criminals “without a consideration for the larger impact on public safety.” He said the chiefs want to work with prison officials on improving the decision-making process.

All told, corrections officials plan to release 11,500 inmates by the end of August, an estimate that brought McDaniel to near tears as she recounted some of the struggles to find them temporary housing. She is the founder and executive director of Place4Grace, which runs literacy and visitation programs in 16 of the state’s 35 prisons.

Democrat Governor Newsom’s Greatest Fear? Leaving Infected Convicts Homeless

And what is the governor of California most concerned about? Is it the deaths of innocents at the hands of violent criminals who were released early under his watch? No! It’s whether those violent criminals have a comfy place to sleep at night:

The good news, McDaniel said, is that through a lot of effort officials have been able to avoid what Newsom said was his greatest fear from mass releases — leaving infected ex-convicts homeless.

Video: Oakland, California Rioters Set Fire To County Courthouse

Masked And Hooded Rioters Broke Away From A Protest To Set Fire To The County Courthouse In Oakland, California

Rioters in Oakland broke away from the main protest group and set fire to the county courthouse after a dispute between the ranks of protesters ended in the determination that some were hoping for a more violent night akin to the riots happening in Portland and Seattle.

Thankfully, Oakland Fire Department Was Able To Quickly Put Out The Flames

The Oakland Police Department Repeatedly Begged Organizers To Control The More Radical Elements Among Their Ranks

The Oakland Police were incredibly restrained and offered the rioters plenty of warnings before attempting to utilize crowd control measures. Pictures uploaded to social media show the number of fireworks, bottles, and other projectiles that were thrown at them. Lasers were used to impair the vision of the officers.

Some organizers did their best to prevent people from escalating to violence, ultimately, they failed

The Oakland Police gave organizers every opportunity to quell the violence in their group. In fairness, some of the organizers attempted to do so, albeit with the caveat that they weren’t going to try to stop people from being violent, they were merely going to disassociate from them. Using a megaphone, one organizer told the crowd, “if you’re about black lives, come with us” implying that those who want to break glass and cause destruction were not interested in the actual protest but were merely there to watch the world burn. Shortly thereafter, the splinter group went off and set the courthouse on fire.

Video: LGBT Rioters Spray Paint In San Francisco Cop’s Face

Queer Rioters Attack San Francisco Cops At “Pride Is A Riot” Demonstration

A riot broke out at a demonstration in San Francisco dedicated to defunding the police. A number of cops were injured during the violent outbursts that took place with one officer receiving a spurt of spray paint to the face.

The “Pride Is A Riot” participants scheduled the event to coincide with the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, a serious of violent demonstrations orchestrated by the gay community in 1969. “We want police out of schools, police off our streets, police out of all communities,” the rioters demanded.

Here’s how the event was advertised:

On Sunday June 28th, we will gather to honor LGBTQ freedom fighters who came before us, to call for the liberation of Black, Brown and Indigenous people, and to demonstrate that trans and queer people are in this fight.

It is not enough to demand police out of pride. We want police out of schools, police off our streets, police out of all communities.

Defund, Dismantle, and Abolish the police!

We are organizing a time and place. But we want you to make this day your own. Create a contingent of your beautiful queer neighbors, lovers and community members. Bring your motorcycles, cars, strollers, trucks, bikes, and feet. Bring offerings, gifts, dance, music, debauchery, spirit, whatever you have to share.

We call on all queer communities and our accomplices that are fighting for a future without white supremacy and the structures that support it. Join us in streets so we can reclaim Pride!