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Tag: California

San Francisco Government To Pay Black Women $1,000 A Month To Have Children

The Program Is Partially Funded By The San Francisco Government And Will Give Checks To Minority Pregnant Women For Each Month Of Their Pregnancy And For The First Six Months

Video: Black Conservative In San Francisco Shouts “White Lives Matter” While Confronting Liberals

Here’s A Video Making The Rounds Today — YouTube User “Savage Audits” Makes The Case For The Sanctity Of All Lives In San Francisco YouTuber “Savage Audits” made his way

Pandemic Parolee Accused Of “Random Act Of Murder” Released 80 Days Early By State Officials

Martin Alvarez Jr. Is Accused Of The August Stabbing That Killed The 39-Year-Old Michael Wagley… Alvarez Would Still Be Imprisoned If Not For Early Release A recently released prisoner was

Brutally Beaten 80-Year-Old Grandfather Dies After Vicious Thug Attacks Him In Grocery Store Bathroom

Robert Flores Lopez Suffered For Weeks After He Was Attacked In Early July, Last Night His Family Announced He Had Died From His Injuries On the 8th of July, 80-year-old

“Good Citizens Are Going To Be Turning Revolutionary Pretty Soon” Angry Veteran Confronts Lawmakers Over Quarantine, Warns Of Uprisings

Shasta County, One Of The Most Republican Counties In California, Had Some Choice Words For Their Board Of Supervisors Carlos Zapata, a veteran and local business owner, had some of

Murderers Among 17,600 Inmates To Be Released In California Coronavirus Jailbreak

State Officials Say That Up To 17,600 Inmates Could Be Released In COVID-19 Protection Program, Violent Criminals Among Them 3.500 prisoners were released in April. Among them, several hundred infected

Video: Oakland, California Rioters Set Fire To County Courthouse

Masked And Hooded Rioters Broke Away From A Protest To Set Fire To The County Courthouse In Oakland, California Rioters in Oakland broke away from the main protest group and

Video: LGBT Rioters Spray Paint In San Francisco Cop’s Face

Queer Rioters Attack San Francisco Cops At “Pride Is A Riot” Demonstration A riot broke out at a demonstration in San Francisco dedicated to defunding the police. A number of