Days After Respectable Outlets Covered Cannon Hinnant’s Death, CNN Buries Story At Midnight After #SayHisName Trended

CNN Has Finally Said Cannon Hinnant’s Name—Shamelessly At A Time When The Story Is Guaranteed To Be Buried. . .

On the day that Cannon Hinnant’s murderer was found, Nationalist Review published a story covering his unforgivable execution at the hands of his neighbor. Other right wing outlets published similar stories at the same time. Fox News, shamefully, lagged behind but eventually released a story of their own. But CNN? MSNBC? Leftist mainstays throughout the country? They were silent.

Would they ever miss an opportunity to comment on such a brutal and cold-blooded killing if the victim were a young black child? Likely not!

This disturbing refusal to cover a story that did not fit the false narrative they had been pumping into the mainstream—that an epidemic of white-on-black violence is destroying this nation—prompted a grassroots movement to develop.

According to District Herald, “the hashtag #SayHisName trended on Twitter overnight on Wednesday and into Thursday morning in response to the complete national media blackout on the shocking murder of five-year-old Cannon Hinnant on Sunday.”

It was not until the clock turned to 12 o’clock marking the start of Friday that CNN bothered to post the story—a time that all but guarantees it will be buried by the morning’s headlines.

Cannon Hinnant was playing outside when a neighbor, Darius Sessoms, walked up to him, pointed a gun at his head, and shot him dead in cold blood. He was scheduled to begin kindergarten on Monday. He deserves to be remembered and the mainstream media has done everything in their power to prevent that memory from lasting.

CNN said his name far too late and at a time when they could guarantee that as few people as humanly possible would ever read about it.

Then they buried it deep within their headlines.

UPDATE: “He’s White, It’s Time For Revenge” Man Who Celebrated 5-Year-Old’s Murder Is Actually A Wanted Criminal Who Posted On His Brother’s Account

New Evidence Confirms That The User Who Celebrated The Death Of Cannon Hinnant On The Account Owned By Terrell Kent Was Actually His Brother, Anthony Kent, Who Used Terrell’s Facebook While Making The Comment. Anthony Kent Is Hiding Out In Cape Fear, North Carolina Ducking Warrants For His Arrest.

Nationalist Review published a story about Terrell Kent in Wilson, North Carolina whose Facebook account was used to post a disgusting message related to the murder of Cannon Hinnant who died at the hands of Darius Sessoms. With new evidence provided by Terrell Kent, his girlfriend, and an impressive cyber security analyst named Eric Schmidt, Nationalist Review can now confirm that the actual man behind the gruesome remarks was not Terrell Kent, but his older brother Anthony Kent.

By the end of this article, you will be as confident as our team is that Terrell Kent is innocent. He did NOT make those comments. We urge our readers to stop trying to contact him and cease attempts to harass his girlfriend. Your anger is justified! Unfortunately, thanks to Anthony Kent’s carelessness, he misdirected your rage towards his own brother.

Update: We’ve added a statement from Terrell Kent and his girlfriend below.

First, for those that missed our previous article, here is the screenshot of the comment in question:

“Ion (I don’t) give a sh** he is white it’s time for revenge we tired sh** over with now we shooting yall go cry to you moma,” the post reads.

Terrell’s Brother, Anthony Kent, Reached Out To Us…But We Were Skeptical:

Using the alias “Boot Gambino,” Anthony Kent messaged Nationalist Review to ask us to remove our article about his brother. At the time, we believed the email to be from Terrell hoping to escape the heat of the situation. But we can now confirm that Anthony was in fact the operator behind the account at the time the post was made. We repeat, Terrell Kent is innocent.

While normally, the excuse that someone had “hacked” or used their account to post offensive comments would be met with disbelief and mockery, in this exceptionally rare case it seems that Anthony Kent is responsible for the comments.

Terrell, After Regaining Control Of His Account Made A Similar Post, Pointing The Finger At His Brother:

Then, Eric Schmidt, A CyberSec Analyst And Tech Entrepreneur Reached Out To Us About The Information He Found:

What Follows Is Information Uncovered By Eric Schmidt:

Anthony Kent, AKA “Boot Gambino” (Currently Suspended From Facebook), Made The Remarks:

Eric Schmidt Reached Out To Terrell Kent’s Girlfriend, Janavia, And Offered To Help Her Prove Her Boyfriend’s Innocence:

She Provided Screenshots Of Her Conversation With Anthony Kent Wherein He Admits That He Made The Post…Then She Provided Login Locations For Terrell’s Facebook Account:

“I did the s*** and forgot I was on his page ain’t even know I was still logged in on his s***,” Anthony tells her. The screenshots also reveal that the account owned by Terrell was suspended for violating Facebook’s policy against “harassment and bullying” due to the comment made by his brother Anthony while operating the account.

Schmidt Then Asks The Girlfriend To Provide Login Location Details For The Facebook Profile:

The girlfriend provided the information in the form of a video post which is significantly harder to doctor, further reinforcing the strength of the evidence exonerating Terrell from blame. Anthony Kent had logged in from Cape Fear, North Carolina which is nearly two hours away from Wilson, North Carolina where Terrell and his girlfriend reside. Anthony Kent, who, according to Schmidt’s independent research, is currently hiding out from arrest warrants in Cape Fear.

And There You Have It. The Blame Falls On Anthony Kent.

Statement From Terrell Kent:

Firstly, we would like to thank Brett at the NationalistReview and Eric with Privacy & Security Services for helping us clear our names in this misunderstanding. To start off, we do not agree with the insensitive and hateful comment made by Terrell’s brother. An innocent child’s life was taken, and even though justice was done, that pain will always remain for Cannon’s family. We apologize to the Hinnant family for the additional pain you had to experience from this careless Facebook post during your time of grief.

When this all started, we had no idea what was happening until someone sent us a screenshot of the comments. We attempted to clarify with responses and screenshots, but it became overwhelming. The threats to our jobs, homes, lives, and our family’s lives were endless. This harassment was not only terrifying, it was depressing. I hope that all of us can use this as an example that not everything online is what it seems. I’d like to urge everyone to fight through the divisiveness and anger we are constantly fed, to find the empathy for each other to come together.

The hatred has to stop. Life is too short to be worrying about the difference of something a person can’t control like their race. Looking for the “other” in people instead of how we’re all the same is not what we’re about – we all bleed the same, hurt the same, and love the same. All lives matter. Not just black, not just white, but everyones. We don’t hold grudges towards anyone for anything they may have said or done, we just hope that you will, in your hearts, learn to let that pain go and grow as people as we have during this time.
We wish you all the best, and our hearts go out to the Cannon and the Hinnant family.


Janavia Jones & Terrell Kent

Here’s What Relatives Of Murderer Darius Sessoms Have Been Saying About His Slaying Of 5-Year-Old Cannon Hinnant

With Additional Comments From Other Members Of The Community, Nationalist Review Brings You Statements From The Family Of Murderer Darius Sessoms Who Shot Cannon Hinnant In Cold Blood

Earlier today, Nationalist Review published a quick shot across the bow of Wilson, North Carolina resident Anthony Kent (currently hiding out in Cape Fear, NC to avoid warrants for his arrest) who was gleeful about the murder of Cannon Hinnant, the five-year-old bicyclist who was murdered by Darius Sessoms. Now we bring to you additional comments from the community, including members of Darius’ own family.

One of Darius’ cousins, who goes by Justin Jamal on Facebook, is praying for his release. Plenty of other family members have spoken up as well (scroll down).

As you read these comments, ask yourself how they would be received if the situation was reversed. If a young black boy was murdered by a white neighbor, would these comments be acceptable?

“Y’all Want Us To Pray For [The] Killer And Y’all Wanna Take Up For The Dude? Y’all Weirder Than I Thought…”

The savage murder of the young boy has rocked the community and prompted comments from the mayor who posted a “Justice For Cannon” picture along with the following message:

First and foremost, we’d like to say that we never thought that this story would be necessary. In a functional and civilized society, it wouldn’t be possible. Unfortunately, while reading about how the community was responding to the incident, we stumbled upon a post from an upstanding man named Ike Evans.

Evans, who is also black, was alarmed at the number of posts asking for prayers on behalf of Darius Sessoms, the murderer.

“Hypocrites. This my last post bout this subject….but..Yall broke into and vandalized black businesses and rioting in nc when the cop killed the man all da way in ohio ….Yall clowned and talked shit bout da dudes that was in da 14 yr old inbox …yall clowned da dude who said he enjoyed gettin pegged …BUT A MAN ON DRUGS IN YOUR TOWN KILLS A 5 YR OLD KID ..AND YALL WANT US TO PRAY FOR DA KILLER AND YALL WANNA TAKE UP FOR THE DUDE ?? SMH BOY YALL WEIRDER THAN I THOUGHT,” Evans published on his personal Facebook page.

Dozens of black residents in Wilson responded, with most of them agreeing with the sentiment from Evans–that there were a considerable number of people offering support and kind words for the murderer, and that this was an depraved condition for their community to be in.

“Very disturbing to say the least. If the narrative was different the city would be in an uproar. Our community so wish washy,” Cierra Jorden responded and numerous others chimed in with their agreement.

And, while the outpouring of alarm from the community cognizant of their own issues should induce a bit of hope, one can’t ignore the problem they are identifying. So we decided to look into it for ourselves. Here is what we found:

From His Cousin, “I Blame The Uncle Too”:

“B**** I’ll put roots n your entire family and make y’all loose(sic) everything you got n be forced to move to the ‘ghetto’ then die of covid. Not once have I lived in any projects b**** I’ll spit on your grandma.” (This was in response to a post from a user who called the cousin ghetto for shifting blame towards Hinnant’s relative.)

From Another Cousin: “I Pray That He Is Found Safe”

And From Another “I Ain’t Gone Sit Here And Let Y’all Talk Sh** About Darius:

“I Promise [My Cousin] Ain’t Hate You Or Was Mad At You”

The Idea That, Actually, A Relative Of The Boy Is To Blame For All Of This (Initially Spread By The Murderer’s Cousin Then Repeated Here):

The View That The Boy Was Shot For Some Other Reason (Initially Spread By The Cousin):

The Opinion That Black Children Have Been Killed By Whites And That Whites Ignore It When It Happens:

“No disrespect too (sic) anybody but how many white folks done took a lil black boys life. Since yall want to make it a racism thing like come on. I don’t stand for killing no kids but b**** I do stand for my color so watch what you say and how you say it because I don’t care if you was black, white, yellow, green, blue, or brown…”

The View That “White People (Wypipo)” Are Taking The Murder Out Of Context:

A Conspiracy That Local Newspaper Wilson Daily Removed Their Paywall In Order To Hurt Black People With This Story:

The Bizarre Opinion That People Need To See The Murderer’s “Side”:

“I Can’t Imagine What He Feels” . . . “Praying For Both Families”. . . “People Make Mistakes”

The Opinion That Since Darius Was Allegedly (By Community Rumor) On Drugs, Or Selling Drugs, And That He Is Not Entirely To Blame:

Others Disagreed, And Said Drugs Should Not Make A Difference:

Some Think That Other Blacks Should Be Standing Up For Darius:

Similarly, That Darius Was Dealing With Depression:

“He’s White, It’s Time For Revenge” Black Lives Matter Supporter Praises Execution Of White Five-Year-Old

URGENT UPDATE: Anthony Kent of Cape Fear, North Carolina Had Some Disgusting Words To Share About The Death Of Five-Year-Old Cannon Hinnant Who Was Murdered By Darius Sessoms, His Neighbor, While Riding His Bicycle Outside Of Sessoms’ Home . . . And He Used His Brother’s Facebook To Do It

Stop Reading This Post Now. We have compiled evidence that was provided to us that exonerates Terrell Kent from any blame in the disgusting comments made from his Facebook page. Surprising evidence has come to light that points the finger at Terrell’s brother, Anthony Kent. Please visit our updated story here.

While normally one would be mocked for suggesting that the offensive posts made from their account were the result of a hack, or that someone else had posted them, in this exceptionally rare case, we’ve found that this new information exonerates Terrell Kent and that his brother did indeed make those comments.

Nationalist Review has been busy archiving the comments of community members in Wilson, North Carolina who have been discussing the murder of Cannon Hinnant. While there’s a lot to say on that matter—with relatives of the murderer Darius Sessoms chiming in with some not-too-courteous statements of their own—we thought it would be prudent to highlight this alarming comment from a local supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Update: We’ve released our article on comments made by the family members of murderer Darius Sessoms including comments from his cousins blaming the victim’s family for the child’s death and praying for the release of Darius the cold blooded killer.

Update 2: The local Taco Bell franchise has responded to this story and says that the employee in question no longer works for their franchise and hasn’t in some time despite not updating his employment listing online.

Update 3: Terrell Kent is now claiming that he didn’t make that post, that his brother did while using his account. We’re skeptical about that one but open to evidence exonerating him.

If you haven’t heard the story about Cannon Hinnant, it’s worth reading about here. To support the family, please consider making a small donation to the GoFundMe set up in his honor.

Terrell Kent, also a resident of Wilson, the same town the little boy was murdered in, made the most disturbing statement of all and seems to believe that it is time for a race war in America.

“Ion (I don’t) give a sh** he is white it’s time for revenge we tired shit over with now we shooting yall go cry to you moma,” Kent published in reply to post memorializing the little boy whose life was stolen from him before he was even able to start his first day at kindergarten.

Comments come from Kent’s publicly available Facebook profile (archived).

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