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Tag: Chicago

Video: “F*** Trump” Animals Brutally Beat Woman While Lighting Car On Fire With Her Husband Trapped Inside

Update: This video was originally uploaded on 21 Oct 2020. It’s still unclear about the nature of the incident and some users are skeptical about its political motivations. Others suspect

Video: “I’d Do It Again” Chicago “Activist”, Praised By Mayor, Abused Horse To Near Death…May Still Be Euthanized

And It Isn’t The First Time He Endangered A Horse’s Life… A Chicago “activist” is facing the charges of a felony count of aggravated cruelty to an animal, misdemeanor counts

Video: Leader Of BLM Says To Loot Whatever You Want…Looting Is “Reparations”

“That’s Reparations…Anything They Wanna Take, Take It” Yesterday, Nationalist Review reported that the official chapter of Black Lives Matter in Chicago came out in favor of the looting that took

Official Black Lives Matter Holds Looter “Solidarity Rally,” Endorses Destruction During Last Night’s Riot

The Local Black Lives Matter Chapter Has Come Forward And Endorsed The Violence That Took Place Resulting In Hundreds Of Destroyed Chicago Businesses, They Promise It Will Continue Until Their

Insane Videos: Chicago Looters Film Their Felonies, Smash ATMs, Shoot Each Other And Attack Cops

A flash mob descended on high end retailers around midnight in Chicago. Hundreds of stores were looted, with at least 1,000 participants engaging in the thievery. Cops were assaulted, innocent

Video: “I Stole It From The Police” Chicago Rioter Claims He Kidnapped Police Horse…In Dallas, They Stoned A Horse

A Chicago Rioter Kidnapped A Police Horse, Then Filmed His Getaway. In Dallas, Rioters Smashed The Face Of A Police Horse With Bricks. A Chicago rioter claims he took advantage

Marijuana taxes to fund reparations program in Chicago Suburb

In what is likely a first in the nation, a Chicago suburb has instituted a reparations program. On 1 January 2020, recreational marijuana will be available for legal distribution in