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Chinese-owned slaughterhouse in America sued for enabling COVID-19 spread

Smithfield Foods Sued By Employers For Dangerous Work Environment The largest slaughterhouse in America—and the world—has been putting workers and the American public at risk. Its largest facilities operate in

Taiwan announces big plan to move manufacturing to America

Just days after President Trump announced that he was working with technology companies to further develop America’s manufacturing sector, Taiwan’s largest corporation and the worlds largest independent semiconductor foundry has

Foreigners Now Own 27.3 Million Acres of American Land, Equal To Entire State of Ohio

How much land do foreigners own in the United States? UPDATE: A Chinese-owned slaughterhouse in America is now being sued for negligence that enabled the spread of COVID-19 among their

Bill Clinton’s Administration Transferred $359 Million to Chinese Nuclear Program That Helped Pakistan Develop A-Bomb

In 1996, the Clinton Administration shepherded millions in loans, backed by the guarantee of taxpayer dollars, to China’s nuclear power program via the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im).

China makes threat of terrorism in the United States, they’ll “pay the price” and see the White House “redecorated”

The cooling relations between the United States and China have further deteriorated following an implied threat from spokesperson Hua Chunying speaking on behalf of the communist regime. The statement comes

President of Interpol, originally reported missing, has been detained by Chinese ‘discipline authorities’ while on trip

Update: This story has been updated with additional information to better serve our readers. If you are returning to this article, excerpts from Human Rights Watch as well as a