Days After Respectable Outlets Covered Cannon Hinnant’s Death, CNN Buries Story At Midnight After #SayHisName Trended

CNN Has Finally Said Cannon Hinnant’s Name—Shamelessly At A Time When The Story Is Guaranteed To Be Buried. . .

On the day that Cannon Hinnant’s murderer was found, Nationalist Review published a story covering his unforgivable execution at the hands of his neighbor. Other right wing outlets published similar stories at the same time. Fox News, shamefully, lagged behind but eventually released a story of their own. But CNN? MSNBC? Leftist mainstays throughout the country? They were silent.

Would they ever miss an opportunity to comment on such a brutal and cold-blooded killing if the victim were a young black child? Likely not!

This disturbing refusal to cover a story that did not fit the false narrative they had been pumping into the mainstream—that an epidemic of white-on-black violence is destroying this nation—prompted a grassroots movement to develop.

According to District Herald, “the hashtag #SayHisName trended on Twitter overnight on Wednesday and into Thursday morning in response to the complete national media blackout on the shocking murder of five-year-old Cannon Hinnant on Sunday.”

It was not until the clock turned to 12 o’clock marking the start of Friday that CNN bothered to post the story—a time that all but guarantees it will be buried by the morning’s headlines.

Cannon Hinnant was playing outside when a neighbor, Darius Sessoms, walked up to him, pointed a gun at his head, and shot him dead in cold blood. He was scheduled to begin kindergarten on Monday. He deserves to be remembered and the mainstream media has done everything in their power to prevent that memory from lasting.

CNN said his name far too late and at a time when they could guarantee that as few people as humanly possible would ever read about it.

Then they buried it deep within their headlines.