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Trump Just Issued Census Memorandum That Will Remove Congressmen From California, New York, and Texas

President Trump Issues Census Memorandum, “Excluding Illegal Aliens From the Apportionment,” Impacting How Congressional Apportionment Works And Consequently How Electoral College Votes Are Distributed President Trump has ordered the Secretary

Trump Just Told These Unconstitutional 37 Bi-Partisan Senators To Take A Hike For Violating Americans’ Privacy

Trump To Veto Warrantless FISA Surveillance Of Americans, These 37 Senators Want It Passed As Nationalist Review just reported, President Trump has promised to veto an unconstitutional legislative package that

Breaking: Trump To Veto FISA Bill If Passed By Congress

President Trump declared his intention to veto the FISA Bill if it passes the House tonight. In a big win for privacy-conscious Americans, President Trump has signaled his intention to

Dog Catches Car: House Dems Get Impeachment, Now What?

The House Democrats fulfilled a party-wide 2018 campaign promise on Monday afternoon by formally voting to send two Articles of Impeachment of President Trump to the Senate, setting forth just

Here’s a list of every Dem rep voting for impeachment in districts Trump won…and how to contact them!

Are these your representatives? CALL THEM! You have until next Wednesday to make your case to these lawmakers. The House Judiciary Committee has voted to approve two articles of impeachment

Senior Congressional Democrat threatens gun owners with nukes if they refuse to give up firearms

"It would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes."