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Tag: Crime

Video: Internet Censors Purge Posts Shared By President Trump Detailing African American Crime Statistics

The President Shared A Video From Another User Who Uploaded An Explanation Given By A Black Man About Crime From His Own Demographic…Twitter Promptly Deleted The Account Earlier today, President

Video: Retired NYPD Cop Robbed And Assaulted By Thug Who Stomped On His Neck, Punched His Head Into Concrete

Masterjadin Roman, 20, Is The Suspected Assailant Who Attacked The Retired NYPD Sergeant With Brutal Blows To The Former Cop’s Head And A Stomp To The Back Of His Neck

Brutally Beaten 80-Year-Old Grandfather Dies After Vicious Thug Attacks Him In Grocery Store Bathroom

Robert Flores Lopez Suffered For Weeks After He Was Attacked In Early July, Last Night His Family Announced He Had Died From His Injuries On the 8th of July, 80-year-old

Murderers Among 17,600 Inmates To Be Released In California Coronavirus Jailbreak

State Officials Say That Up To 17,600 Inmates Could Be Released In COVID-19 Protection Program, Violent Criminals Among Them 3.500 prisoners were released in April. Among them, several hundred infected

Black Lives Matter Page Admits Black People Are Responsible For Over Half Of All Murders While Only 13% Of The Population

A Massive Black Lives Matter Propaganda Page On Instagram Put Up A Chart Showing That Black People Are Responsible For 53.3% Of All Murders While They Are Only 13% Of

Man Admits He Scammed “Dumb” Trump Supporters Out Of Donation Money

Esteban Hernandez: Leftist Scammer Who Defrauded Trump Supporters Here’s a story that will test your faith in humanity. Meet “Esteban Hernandez” a Facebook and Twitter user who has been celebrating

D.C. Makes It Virtually Illegal For Cops To Counter Riots: Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets Banned

The DC Council Passed Sweeping “Reforms” To Inhibit The Ability Of Law Enforcement To Respond To Riots In The Nation’s Capital The DC Council passed numerous measures Tuesday to ban

Video: New York Politician Directs Black Rioters To Loot In “Other” Communities

Buffalo city councilman Rasheed N.C. Wyatt recorded a livestream where he urged black rioters to do their looting outside of their own communities in order to avoid dissuading investors from

Seedy Looking Thieves Pose For Camera, Pillage Convenience Store

Please excuse the headline pun. We make no apology for the ones that follow. Two store robbers left one owner rather melon-choly after they stole booze and other items from

MURDER: Convicted felon accused of murder after coronavirus early release from prison

A convicted criminal serving a seven-year sentence for armed robbery is suspected of murdering a 21-year-old woman less than a month after he was prematurely released from prison. The felon,