Portland Antifa Begins To Dox And Harass Federal Officers

Portland Antifa Has Been Rioting Nightly For Over 40 Days, Now They’re Targeting US Marshals And DHS Employees Sent In To Prevent The Destruction

Portland rioters have been spreading around a list of names purportedly belonging to those agents that have been tasked by the Trump Administration to defend federal buildings and historic monuments from destruction.

“You can get a lot from a name, especially with a middle initial,” Twitter user ‘ngobody special’ tweeted alongside a list of DHS officials’ names. The implication is easy to see—they made it easy for their fellow rioters to find their addresses.

Nationalist Review can confirm that these names belong to federal officers, but cannot confirm that they are all present in Portland defending various sites from the swarm of reprobates seeking to destroy them.

Protesters also began sharing the address and telephone number for a local hotel believed to be housing the federal agents when they’re off duty.

The campaign shifted off the internet and onto the streets last night when one member of the antifa rioters began passing out pamphlets with their names.

The message is clear: they want these men and women doxed, harassed, and threatened in their own homes.