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Tag: Drugs

$1.2+ Million Worth Of Meth And Heroin Seized By CBP

US Customs and Border Protection made a large bust of “hard narcotics” in the Hidalgo, Texas region of the border. The smugglers attempted to bring their illicit goods across the

Mother Forces 13-Year-Old Son To Smuggle Enough Fentanyl To Kill 249,476 People

Mother uses her children as drug mules to traffic large quantities of lethal narcotics into the United States The young minor had 1.10 lbs. of fentanyl strapped to his body

SanFran’s Dept of Health Giving Weed, Alcohol To Quarantined Homeless

San Francisco’s Health Department has confirmed startling suspicions that the city was providing alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other substances to the homeless population currently isolated in hotels leased by the

17 pounds of meth seized by Customs and Border Protection officers

“Mexico is not sending us their best,” President Trump said. And today he was right. Officers on the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge seized over a dozen bags of methamphetamine, totaling more