Trump proven right again as Haitian trash pollutes American shores

When President Trump infamously (and only allegedly) referred to Haiti as a S-hole country, he was being a bit blunt but far more than fair.  Now, American shorelines are providing evidence to the cultural shamble that is 1,100 miles away.

The Charlotte Observer reports residents of North Topsail Beach have been cleaning their beaches of foreign trash:

Hurricane Florence is being blamed for piles of trash from Haiti and the Dominican Republic found strewn across miles of North Carolina beaches. That’s an 1,100 mile trip across the Atlantic.

Residents of North Topsail Beach began posting photos of the mysterious trash on Facebook over the weekend, noting brightly colored products labeled in Spanish and French were now lodged in the sand.

North Topsail Beach firefighter Bradley Thomas Dixon told McClatchy he expected the record-setting storm to spread trash across Topsail Island’s beaches, but was “shocked to find the majority came from another country.“

“I started realizing that I did not recognize 60 percent of the bottles that I was picking up!” said Dixon, who was among those who volunteered to clean beaches over the weekend.

“That was when I found a plastic bottle cap that said ‘Haiti.’ I guess Hurricane Florence scooped up a big pile of trash out in the Atlantic and scattered it on North Carolina beaches…Topsail is littered with it.”

Our nation faces many environmental threats in the near future, unfortunately many of them are produced by third world countries. The negative externalities these newly industrialized nations produce will continue to pollute the world.  While liberals are trying to force you to buy an electric car, it will be decades before any of these countries bother to think about the consequences of their actions.  They’re too busy playing catch up.

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