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Tag: Fake News

Biden sitting in the situation room in an image purportedly showing the president in August, revealed to have been taken in March

White House Releases Faked Photo Of Biden Monitoring Situation In Afghanistan

President Biden's White House releases a photograph purporting to show the president monitoring the situation in Afghanistan. However, the photo was actually taken back in March.

Reuters Describes Riot That Resulted In Two Officers Wounded By Gunshots As “Mostly Peaceful”

Mainstream Journalism, In Its Current Form, Is The Greatest Threat To Civilized Society This one is going to be more of a hit and run. Nationalist Review feels it is

Wikipedia editors cover for serial rapist and murderer

Rodney Reed raped and murdered Stacey Stites. There’s very little room for debate here. In fact, there’s absolutely none. Wikipedia editors aren’t convinced. In fact, they’re so unconvinced that a