Radical Islamists Threaten To Behead Mayor Of City Where Teacher Was Decapitated A Week Ago

“Jérémy Breaud we will behead you,” threats left in city read:

Thursday, three separate instances of graffiti were discovered in the Lyon metropolitan area threatening the life of mayor Jérémie Bréaud following the decapitation of history professor Samuel Paty in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.

Paty, a professor who was instructing students on the importance of secular values, displayed cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. For this lesson, he was targeted, and his killer was shot dead by responding police.

But seven others were implicated and arrested in the aftermath of the horrific event. Six of the suspects face charges of complicity in a terrorist murder and have been placed under investigation and one man is accused with a lesser charge of associating with a terrorist, according to BBC.

Two of the suspects were just students, age 14 and 15, and were released pending the investigation. All others are in custody. The minors are accused of describing and identifying the teacher to the killer.

“Jérémy Breaud we will behead you,” the tags read and were placed on a fence and the city’s library a week after the murder.

Paris Match, a local media outlet, reached Bréaud by telephone. “My first reaction is a feeling of amazement and bewilderment,” he said. “I am not afraid and I will not give up anything.” According to Paris Match, Bréaud was elected on a platform of public security earlier this year and implemented a surge in municipal police by 70%, strengthened the city’s system of video surveillance, and has increased pressure on local organized crime.”

“We see that we have an enemy that we now identify, radical Islam,” he said before going on to clarify that these elements aren’t just attacking individuals but that their attacks are on the Republic itself.

France’s Association of Mayors denounced the act as an “intolerable threat” in a press released where they pledged to offer full support to Mayor Bréaud in his fight against the radicals.

Massive Fire Erupts Inside Ancient Nantes Cathedral

Firefighters Are Battling To Save The Cathedral That Took 457 Years To Build

Construction on Nantes Cathedral (officially known as Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul of Nantes) began in 1434 and didn’t end until 1891, now the imposing Roman Catholic Church is fighting for its life as firefighters rush to quell the flames that have erupted on the inside. Was it started by malicious vandals or a misplaced candle? Little is known at this time.

What is known is that the Church has survived through some of the most perilous events in human history. During the second World War it was damaged by an Allied bombing raid. In 1972, a massive fire erupted on the roof of the building, eventually causing severe structural damage to the wooden frame.

The fire comes a year and three months since the horrific fire at Notre Dame.

The cause of both fires remain unknown.