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Tag: Gun Control

Democrat Congressional Candidate Jailed For Refusing To Forfeit Firearms

Brooke Siskin, A Democrat Candidate For Georgia’s 9th Congressional District, Has Been Jailed For Failing To Abide By A Court Order To Turn Over Her Firearms It seems like Democrat

Virginia sheriff promises to “deputize thousands” if necessary to protect their “right to own firearms”

The sheriff of Culpeper County, Virginia deserves the praise of every American who holds the Second Amendment near and dear to their hearts. In the wake of numerous gun control

Gun Control Groups Hide Behind Bogus “Police” Think Tank To Disarm Americans

The myth that police support gun control legislation is one of the most frequent crutches used by gun control groups to support disarming Americans. At the forefront of this is

DOJ Directly Funding A Pro-Gun Control “Police” Think Tank

A Washington Think Tank is attacking your Second Amendment rights and seriously endangering the lives of police officers in your community at the same time.