Attempted Murder: Man Yells “Black Lives Matter” As He Stabs Stranger In Aurora, Colorado

A Black Lives Matter supporter is accused of attempting to murder a man while shouting “Black Lives Matter” as he plunged a knife into his victim

The assailant, 30-year-old Steve Sinclair, stabbed 29-year-old Michael Conner. Conner was transported to a local hospital where he is expected to live and relayed to police the chain of events that led up to the incident. Conner has a 5-month-old son and is the main provider for his family. He will be out of work for the next 6 weeks and his family is hoping the community will help donate to keep him afloat. They’ve only raised $190 dollars so far!

The local NBC affiliate was first to report:

Steve Sinclair, 30, now faces potential first-degree murder and hate crime charges, documents show.

An arrest affidavit says Sinclair used a knife to stab 29-year-old Michael Conner who was transported to the hospital for his injuries and a collapsed lung. Conner, a white male, told police while at the hospital that Sinclair, a Black male, shouted “Black lives matter!” prior to stabbing him, according to the report.

It’s unclear from the report what may have led up to the incident, but police say witnesses saw Sinclair walk up to Conner and said, “I’m going to kill you and your dog.” One witness said Conner tried to run away and defended himself with a stick.

When police arrived at the scene, Sinclair allegedly continued to yell “Black Lives Matter” and indicated that he wanted police to shoot him. Whether this was an attempt of suicide by cop by a mentally unstable person, or an act of political martyrdom from someone hoping to stoke the flames of political anarchy, remains to be seen.

In any case, this is one of those stories that won’t be seen unless you, the reader, share this information and say his name everywhere you can: Michael Conner.

National Mainstream Media Outlets Have Once Again Failed To Report On Black On White Hate Crimes Covered By Their Affiliates:

Nationalist Review, noticing that the local NBC affiliate had covered this story, checked in on their national news site and ran a search for the suspects name. The results of that search did not include any stories related to this incident. This deliberate omission is part of a long running pattern in the national media. Time and time again, local affiliates are on top of a story and their sister organizations refuse to cover it (or only do so well after the story has become too hard to ignore).

It was the case with Veronica Baker, Cannon Hinnant, and countless others. We’ll leave it up to the reader to determine why that may be.

The local CBS affiliate also covered the story, the national website has not:

Special Education Teacher Encourages Black Lives Matter To Kill White Toddler

Brian Papin, A Special Education Teacher At Cedar Grove High School In Atlanta, Suggests Killing White Toddler In Viral Photo

Update: Nationalist Review has reached out to the high school were Brian Papin works to determine whether they intend to launch an investigation into his comments and if there will ever be any consequences. After all, this is the High School that encouraged athletes to take a knee during the national anthem.

Yesterday, Nationalist Review covered the child abuse perpetrated by Isaiah Jackson, a Black Lives Matter supporter who knelt on the neck of a small white toddler to pose for a photo on social media.

The act was heinous, horrifying, and it is the opinion of this publication that it is deserving of capital punishment. If you haven’t already heard about the incident, you can read about it here:

Today, we’ve learned that one Atlanta high school teacher has suggested that the image wasn’t graphic enough to satisfy his perverse needs. Brian Papin, a special education teacher at Cedar Grove High School in Atlanta, believed that the man kneeling on the baby’s neck should have leaned in with all of his weight until the child was dead.

Here’s what the teacher at Cedar Grove posted:

“Again! Your doing it wrong! One knee on the center of the back one one the neck and lean into it until death! You saw the video! Get it right or stop f***ing around!

Nationalist Review has taken the liberty of archiving the individual’s LinkedIn page since we feel that he might be a danger to the community and those around him. While his post is technically not illegal, we have a hard time imagining that he is a suitable teacher and caregiver for the most vulnerable children of America.

The Review has reached out to Papin for comment on his Facebook page:

Papin has made some other absurd comments on social media in the past:

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Next up: check out our latest on the ongoing riots:

Video: School kid hospitalized after being assaulted on a bus for wearing a Trump hat

A young 14-year-old boy from Hamilton County, Florida was brutally assaulted on his way home from school because of the “Make America Great Again” hat he was wearing.

The students responsible, two girls and three boys, have now been suspended and a criminal investigation is underway, but police have ruled out the possibility of a hate crime despite the parent’s protest.

The video, which begins as a small school fight, quickly descended into a 5-on-1 dog pile, and ends with the victim having his head grabbed and repeatedly slammed into the edge of the bus window frame. Thud, thud, thud, thud, can be audibly heard as his head is smashed in a brutal fashion. The child in question received medical attention at a local hospital and was treated for contusions and head trauma.

While the Make America Great Again hate cannot be seen in the video, the parents reported that the student attempted to dial 911 during the course of the assault and that his phone was taken and smashed. Presumably the MAGA hat was also stolen before the recording began.

Twitter user American Diaries first posted about the incident near the end of November but has just recently released a video documenting the occurrence.

“The police [are] not considering it a hate crime because everyone that jumped on him were related. Yeah, I don’t get it either. So if 5 white kids, all related, jumped a black child, no one would be screaming Hate Crime??? Double standards.”

Update: The Twitter user has explained why the Trump hat is missing from the video in a series of tweets here:

During the course of the video, the young white teen is assaulted by 5 teenagers all of whom are black. The assailants, according to the victim, were all older and their response was simply because he chose to wear an article of clothing that was supportive of President Trump.

The parents believe that this incident was both racially and politically motivated, citing a history of abuse directed at their child including one incident where milk was poured all over him.

For those unfamiliar, white people are often compared to “milk” on social media using coded language “yts” or “wypipo” to describe them.

Earlier, American Diaries posted this to their Twitter feed:

“I am sitting in the hospital with my 14 year old kid because he was just jumped by 8 black kids on the school bus, I guess that’s what happens when a kid wears a Trump hat to school. And who’s the violent ones again? Earlier today they poured milk all over his head.”

Authorities are investigating the incident:

Every student in the United States should be able to express their views without fear of violent reprisals, whether they are supporting President Trump by wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat or are expressing support for a Democrat. Unfortunately, when conservatives speak out (or even display some silent form of support) a pattern of violent response has developed.

If this incident was caused by the child being white and supporting the president with his MAGA hat, then there’s no reason that police should rule out a hate crime. It’s disturbing, and as the mother suggests, a double standard that would likely not be applied if the roles in this situation were reversed.

The victims parents have contacted the county sheriff’s department who forwarded information about the event to the state attorney’s office.

Recently, a female Trump-supporting student was targeted by a male teacher for wearing a “Women For Trump” pin on her clothing. The teacher grabbed the student and tried to forcibly remove it. He is now under investigation as well.