Hunter Biden’s Associates Planned To Sell Access To His Father So That He Could Middleman Bond Deals:

Hunter Biden’s business associate Devon Archer set up a rather sketchy bond deal that involved letting their business partners formally meet the Vice President:

“So we have engagement letter if they get other 10 bonds they have a face value of 10b. While it is far fetched Devon said he talked to his professor and these get traded. We get 10% in fees. We need to get these guys to an event or something where they get to just formally meet your Dad . For follow on they can talk to Chief of Staff . Let me know how soon we can do that. V brief. If Nagi gets that done we get more bonds to move. Regards your hard working partner in Positano! Sean”

Eventually, the entire situation seemed too sketchy—even for Devon Archer.

But not for Hunter Biden.

In a follow up meeting, Hunter Biden wrote: “Tell him I’ll do the mtg.”

The deal they were working on was described as follows:

Emails: Hunter Biden’s Business Partners Discussed Joe Biden’s “Earnings Potential”

An interesting email dispatched from Eric Schwerin, a Hunter Biden business associate at Rosemont Seneca, discusses the financial interests that Joe Biden might have with their organization.

“Does it make sense to see if your Dad has some time in the next couple of weeks while you are in DC to talk about it? Your Dad just called me (about his mortgage) and mentioned he’d be out a lot soon and not really back until Labor Day so it dawned on me it might be a good time (also he could use some positive news about his future earnings potential!).”

Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca Attempted To Use The White House Easter Egg Roll Tickets For Business Networking

An email between Rosemont Seneca’s Eric Schwerin and Hunter Biden shows the two discussing the prospect of using the White House Easter Egg Roll, implicitly to conduct business deals and gain favor. More importantly, the Office of the Vice President was willing to allow them to send name suggestions, highlighting the danger of Hunter Biden’s proximity to the White House.

Further, the two discuss seats available at the Mexico State Dinner, an interesting disclosure considering their multi-year campaign to negotiate a foothold in Mexico on behalf of Burisma.

Exclusive: Hunter Biden, In His Own Words, Describes Trading Access To White House For Burisma Funding

Nationalist Review is able to name the individuals that Hunter Biden, acting under the auspices of his duties as Chairman of the World Food Program USA, plotted to place in the same room as Joe Biden on 16 April 2015. This was the meeting reported in the New York Post, but what was not discussed in their original article was the location, the cover story, and the date of that meeting.

We can now disclose that Hunter Biden, in coordination with his business partner, Devon Archer, organized a private dinner which Hunter Biden explicitly described as “ostensibly” to discuss “food security,” but in reality was intended to place a Burisma advisor in the same room as the Mexican Ambassador to the United States and Joe Biden.

Corroborating information found within the Hunter Biden emails reveals all of this information, and in no uncertain terms indicates that despite the cover story, the meeting had little to do with food security, little to do with the World Food Program USA’s agenda, and little to do with a non-profit venture. In effect, the gathering was a Burisma and Rosemont Seneca business meeting.

Further, following the threads related to these parties, Nationalist Review can not only independently confirm the New York Post and Rudy Giuliani’s report that Joe Biden met with Vadym Pozharskyi, but we can reveal the date that they met, the names of other attendees privy to the event, and disclose a month of planning during which Hunter Biden utilized his position at the World Food Program in order to orchestrate a Burisma business meeting with officials from the United States government, the Mexican Ambassador, and Vadym Pozharskyi.

What we found was a consistent pattern of abuse, whereby Hunter Biden leveraged his proximity to the White House and the positions that it afforded him in organizations such as the World Food Program USA, in order to corral people of influence into the same room.

The New York Post was first to report that Vadym Pozharskyi thanked Hunter Biden for introducing him to then-Vice President Joe Biden, but what hasn’t been disclosed yet is that this was part of a long drawn out plan stretching back more than a month before that meeting occurred.

And while Joe Biden denies that this meeting ever took place to begin with, Hunter Biden’s emails show that he intentionally orchestrated the meeting—which also included the Mexican Ambassador, representatives from their business dealings in Kazakhstan, and other Rosemont Seneca business associates—and made this clear in his emails to one individually whom he extended the invitation to.

In fact, the guest list for the meeting was constructed by Rosemont Seneca itself.

“Ok- the reason for the dinner is ostensibly to discuss food security,” Hunter Biden wrote to Michael Karloutsos. “Dad will be there but keep that btw us for now. Thanks. Also let David know I will get back to him asap- probably sometime next week when we are through these next few days with beau- which also is just btw us.”

The operative word there is ostensibly.

And the decision to inform Karloutsos of that matter was a mistake. He told his father, who then told another friend in the Greek community. In fact, there are a handful of people who could readily confirm Joe Biden and Vadym Pozharskyi’s presence at that dinner.

Mike Manatos, a DC lobbyist, was soon emailing Hunter Biden about the event and subtly hinting at his curiosity about it.

A frustrated Hunter Biden would soon email Karaloutsos, warning him that he wanted to keep the meeting as “low key as possible.”

Karaloutsos would go on to explain that his dad had “innocently” informed others about the meeting, with Hunter Biden responding that “you know the reason why I want to keep it in the family – I love MM too, but that’s creating a whole other dinner that I can’t handle.”

“I know. I’m with you. Totally understand. All good,” Karloutsos replied.

“I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing WHite House and the Vice President’s house and the inauguration and then you go completely silent – I don’t hear from you for months,” Hunter Biden wrote in an explicit description of his quid-pro-quo relationship with a Mexican financier. “I don’t know what it is that I did but I’d like to know why I’ve delivered on every single thing you’ve ever asked – and you make me feel like I’ve done something to offend you.”

This email was touched upon by National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam after Nationalist Review requested Cassandra Fairbanks reach out to Kassam regarding a meeting that Hunter Biden was attempting to set up for Nikolay Zlochewsky (sometimes spelled Mykola or Nykolai) in Mexico with Alemán’s help.

This email, which can be read in its entirety below, was the culmination a breakdown in years of negotiations with Miguel Alemán Magnani (MAM), the CEO of Interjet, a Mexican Airline, and about as close as one can get to Mexican royalty. MAM is the son of a governor, the grandson of a president, and a wealthy business magnate in his own right.

Kassam did not return the request for information, but rather published this brief piece relating to the inquiry. Unfortunately, additional information can be added to supplement National Pulse’s reporting reveals a multi-year campaign to get Burisma operatives in the same room as both Mexican and U.S. officials in order to support Burisma’s foray into Mexican fossil fuels.

Seeking liquidity for their operations in Mexico and elsewhere, Biden’s Rosemont Seneca team discussed buying back Aleman’s shares at a discount and then selling them to another party in what they described as a “dog and pony” show:

Eventually, as described above, Hunter Biden was able to coordinate a meeting between Joe Biden, Vadym Pozharskyi, and the Mexican Ambassador. But their initial success with Joe Biden did not spell smooth sailing for the rest of their scheme. Emails from the following year indicate that Alemán’s help would not reach as far as Hunter Biden had sold to the oligarchs in Ukraine.

This series of emails, originally disclosed by another party who has access to the drive and uploaded 29 documents to Scribd, reveals the issues—financially and politically—that Hunter Biden’s team was facing.

Hunter Biden reached out to Miguel Alemán in order to request that he facilitate a visa for Nikolay Zlochewsky who was being blocked from entering both the United States and Mexico.

“If [Miguel Aleman] can’t do that within next day or two, I will have to tell him not to risk [being denied entry],” Hunter Biden responded.

But Aleman was unable to assist them in their efforts of getting the oligarch into his country. Instead, he told them that he would need two weeks to possibly have an answer. To tide them over, he offered them $250,000 as “band-aid money,” according to Jeffrey Cooper.

This long-game campaign eventually matured into a complete failure—with Biden associate Jeffrey Cooper lamenting that he was so strapped for cash on 16 February 2015, that he would have to “fire 30+ people” in order to make ends meet. Hunter Biden, for his part, was in an even tighter jam writing, “Going to have to do some serious back pedaling with Burisma…most likely jeopardizes my board position, which means my options have become seriously limited at exactly the wrong time. But it is what it is.”

Nationalist Review was eventually able to obtain nearly all of the emails from the Hunter Biden laptop after a source offered to grant us access to a clone of the drive that they obtained from Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Vladimir Putin Defends Biden Family Business Dealings, Placing Democrats In Hilariously Tight Spot

Will the cries of “Russia, Russia, Russia!” fall awkwardly silent as Democrats work through the mental calculus of this one?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has seemingly put Democrats in a bit of a bind here. Speaking Sunday, Putin made clear that he sees no wrong doing in Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Ukraine.

Putin’s remarks were in response to comments made by Donald Trump during the final presidential debate against Joe Biden.

“Yes, in Ukraine, he had or maybe still has a business, I don’t know. It doesn’t concern us. It concerns the Americans and the Ukrainians. But, well, yes, he had at least one company, which he practically headed up, and judging from everything he made good money. I don’t see anything criminal about this, at least we don’t know anything [about this being criminal],” Putin said.

So, it seems that the Russians are on the side of Hunter Biden when it comes to the issue of Burisma, which naturally puts Democrats in a bit of a bind.

Russia. The country they point to at every opportunity. Russia. The country they believe says the opposite of what is true at every moment. Russia.

The American people have spent the past four years hearing nothing from them other than that two syllable word. Democrats have even gone so far as to claim, without evidence, that the laptop itself is part of a Russian-backed conspiracy.

So what will they say now? Don’t expect anything from the Biden campaign on this matter though, they’ll just be calling another lid.

Hunter Biden Allegedly Exposed Himself To Underage Relative According To Former Trump Admin Official

According to Darren J. Beattie’s Revolver News, Hunter Biden did not just expose himself to underage girls as the bombshell text messages released today indicate, but he did so to a girl in his own family.

Beattie, a former White House official who studied political theory at Duke University before working at the Hudson Institute and then moving to the White House, published the disclosure earlier this evening.

According to Rudy Giuliani, the above text message shows Joe Biden (Junior) messaging his son, Robert “Hunter” Biden. Hunter goes on to say that he was informed that an unnamed woman told his therapist that he was sexually inappropriate with a minor and had a propensity to facetime naked with her and could no longer see her for that reason. If correct, Giuliani’s accusation indicates that Joe Biden was aware of the potential abuse taking place.

The relative would have been 14 to 15 years old when the abuse occurred, according to Revolver and Giuliani. Hunter briefly dated the widow of his deceased brother, Beau Biden, after splitting with his own wife of 24 years.

Judging from the report that the exchanges were between Hunter and a “14-year-old” girl, this would mean that Hunter Biden could have been abusing his own niece. To make matters worse, this abuse would line up with Hunter Biden’s dating of Hallie Biden, Beau’s widow.

Revolver Reports:

Hunter Biden is facing accusations that his laptop includes numerous suggestive images of underage girls, Rudy Giuliani announced on Newsmax TV Tuesday night. Rudy Giuliani also broke the news that a text message between Hunter and Joe indicates potentially nefarious activity, including Facetiming naked, between Hunter and an unnamed 14-year-old girl.

Giuliani has not revealed any of the images, even in a censored form, and Revolver has not been able to confirm their existence. A source close to the matter, though, who claims to have seen the images on Hunter’s laptop, told Revolver that about one-third of the images are of the same underage girl. Some of the images are topless, while in others she is shown in suggestive positions with Hunter himself.

Nationalist Review cannot independently confirm the report from Revolver, but we can say that if it is accurate, there is only one member of the Biden family that fits this description. Considering the sensitive nature of this report and it involving a minor, we’ve opted to leave the story here.

Russia HACKED Biden-linked Burisma, leaked emails imminent?

The New York Times is running damage control of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign after news reached the American media that a suspected hacking incident successfully recovered information from the Ukrainian gas company. Burisma Holdings, the company in question, was thrust into the spotlight for giving Hunter Biden a lucrative spot on its board of directors.

This news could not come at a worse time for a faltering Biden campaign which has been plagued by a series of creepy blunders and gaffes and is feeling the threat of a Bernie Sanders surge.

According to the report published by Area 1, a Silicon Valley cyber security firm, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Army (GRU) engaged in an effort to phish login information from subsidiaries belonging to Burisma Holdings. There is currently no word on what was obtained from the hack.

A months-long hacking effort bears fruit?

The campaign, which began in November of last year, gave GRU operatives access to internal systems and data. Using email credentials from employees working for subsidiaries of Burisma, the GRU set up multiple fake websites with similar domains and then began spamming employees with login alerts. A number of their targets took the bait, entering their username and password information.

If the greatest fears of the leftist-aligned New York Times translate into reality, we could be seeing a batch of emails implicating Hunter Biden released in the weeks to come. Already, liberals are taking to social media trying to lay seeds of doubt about the authenticity of any forthcoming leaks, claiming that Russian agents are likely to plant fake emails among real ones. The damage control efforts are underway and as transparent as can be.

The complete analysis of the hacking effort, courtesy of Area 1, can be read here.

From the New York Times:

It is not yet clear what the hackers found, or precisely what they were searching for. But the experts say the timing and scale of the attacks suggest that the Russians could be searching for potentially embarrassing material on the Bidens — the same kind of information that Mr. Trump wanted from Ukraine when he pressed for an investigation of the Bidens and Burisma, setting off a chain of events that led to his impeachment.

The Russian tactics are strikingly similar to what American intelligence agencies say was Russia’s hacking of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 presidential campaign. In that case, once they had the emails, the Russians used trolls to spread and spin the material, and built an echo chamber to widen its effect.

Then, as now, the Russian hackers from a military intelligence unit known formerly as the G.R.U., and to private researchers by the alias “Fancy Bear,” used so-called phishing emails that appear designed to steal usernames and passwords, according to Area 1, the Silicon Valley security firm that detected the hacking. In this instance, the hackers set up fake websites that mimicked sign-in pages of Burisma subsidiaries, and have been blasting Burisma employees with emails meant to look like they are coming from inside the company.

Hunter Biden forced to testify under oath about Ukraine money dealings

The mother of Hunter Biden’s baby just scored a huge victory for those interested in Joe Biden’s controversial son and his dealings as part of a board member of a Ukrainian oil company, Daily Mail reports.

Lunden Roberts, Hunter’s baby mama, has been pursuing legal action in order to obtain child support for their 16-month-old baby. The deposition for this case is scheduled to take place just before Christmas on 23 December in Little Rock, Arkansas. Biden is required to bring all of his financial records and should expect questions about his income related to Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian-headquartered entity he served on the board of.

Roberts filed 47 requests for admission from Biden and his attorneys, mostly about his business dealings. One curious inclusion is the accusation that the younger Biden “received money from a Chinese person or entity for foreign and domestic investment purposes.”

A seven-page document filed on Monday includes 47 requests for information related to his income, including six demanding submission of his income taxes between 2013-2018.

Daily Mail reports that Biden has refused to pay the legal expenses Roberts has taken on while pursuing this case, a goodly sum amounting to over $11,000.

Unfortunately, the public will be unlikely to see any of these records since the judge presiding over the case has promised to seal all financial records submitted to the court:

The public is unlikely to see Biden’s records though as McSpadden has made it clear he will seal all the financial records. He filed a motion for a protective order citing fears that release of his financial information would be used ‘maliciously’ by the media.

‘The likelihood that [Biden’s] private records will be used in an inappropriate or malicious manner for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with these proceedings is exceedingly high and should not be tolerated by the court,’ the filing read.

McSpadden said he was including McDaniel in the letter even though he realized he no longer represents Biden. He said he had no contact information for Biden and asked McDaniel to pass on the letter on to his former client. McDaniel said on Monday he was quitting due to an ‘irreconcilable conflict.’