Over 100 Illegal Aliens Arrested In Past 30 Hours In Just One Section Of Border

Report Directly From CBP:

In a period of just over 30 hours, numerous human smuggling events were intercepted throughout the Laredo Sector’s area of operations that resulted in the arrest of over 100 individuals who were illegally in the United States.

The incidents cover a timeframe between the very early morning hours of October 21 through the mid-morning of October 22. The incidents involved the disruption of multiple stash houses, vehicle stops, checkpoint operations including commercial vehicles, train check operations, brush cases, vehicle bailouts, and the recovery of a stolen vehicle which was turned over to the La Salle County Sheriff’s Office. A total of 106 individuals from various countries were taken into custody during this timeframe in nine separate smuggling attempts and four instances in which several individuals were abandoned in the brush by their smugglers.

The recklessness of many of these events highlight the lack of regard human smugglers have for the safety and wellbeing of the people they exploit for profit. In the stash house and load vehicle cases, people were crammed into small confined spaces in large groups without any personal protective equipment, exposing them to the potential spread of COVID-19 infection. In many of the load vehicles encountered, failures to yield followed by bailouts were commonplace. In these stops, people were found piled on top of one another in attempts to conceal them in the vehicles. One such vehicle was stopped on U.S. Highway 83, north of San Ysidro, Texas. Agents discovered 16 individuals packed so tightly that some at the bottom of the pile were having difficulty breathing. They immediately asked for assistance due to the high temperatures in the vehicle and lack of water.

In another incident north of Cotulla, Texas, 19 individuals were apprehended on a freight train. Laredo Sector Chief Patrol Agent Matthew J. Hudak said in a statement, “We continue to see smugglers put the lives of illegal aliens at risk, whether it be through the use of commercial vehicles, freight trains, or other dangerous conveyances. Our agents have seen aliens sustain major traumatic injuries from trains. I hope smugglers and aliens recognize how dangerous this is before someone loses their life or is severely injured.”

Ninety-two of the 106 individuals were from Mexico. The other 14 were from the countries of Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, and El Salvador. The U.S. Border Patrol encourages the public to take a stand for our communities and help us by reporting crimes and suspicious behavior. Together we can make our nation a safer place and people’s lives can be saved. Additionally, we can bring callous smugglers to justice by prosecuting accordingly. The agents of the Laredo Sector will remain dedicated to the agency’s Core Values of Vigilance, Service, and Integrity.

Illegal Alien Pedophile Arrested For Illegally Re-entering In Arizona

Convicted sex offender attempts to re-enter country in Arizona

Israel Chaj-Matul was arrested as part of a roundup of 13 illegal aliens who attempted to enter the country through Arizona. During processing, Chaj-Matul was revealed to be a registered sex offender in Florida who was found guilty in 2015 for sex offense crimes involving a minor.

The other 12 individuals who were detained attempting to enter the country were sent back over the border. For his part, Chaj-Matul will be federally prosecuted.

U.S. Customs And Border Protection:

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested a registered sex offender after he illegally re-entered the country southwest of Sells, Arizona, Tuesday morning.

Tucson Sector agents patrolling remote trails on the Tohono O’odham Nation detected, tracked and arrested a group of 13 illegal aliens that entered the United States illegally through the desert. The group consisted of men, women and juveniles from Guatemala and Mexico.

While processing the group, agents learned one Guatemalan man, 38-year-old Israel Chaj-Matul, was a registered sex offender in Florida. Records revealed that Chaj-Matul was arrested in 2015 in Dade County and found guilty of sexual offenses against a child.

Chaj-Matul will be federally prosecuted for re-entry of a previously removed felon.

The other people encountered in the incident were expelled from the country under Title 42 authority. 

Tucson Sector Border Patrol arrested two other previously removed sex offenders, both Mexican nationals, earlier in the week. Both men were presented for criminal prosecution.

All people apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol undergo criminal history checks using biometrics to ensure illegal aliens with criminal histories are positively identified. 

Pelosi’s new coronavirus stimulus proposal provides amnesty and payments for illegal aliens

The latest coronavirus relief proposal from House Democrats is sparking outrage from conservatives after revelations about amnesty protections for illegal immigrants were found buried on page 1,737 of the bill.

The bill, which insulates not only illegal immigrants but also their employers, is a $3 trillion dollar behemoth that House Dems are marketing as a necessary aid to support American families. Masking the hidden amnesty provisions, Democrats are focusing attention on a second round of $1,200 direct deposits that qualified families would receive should the measure pass.

But critics are concerned that the section deferred action is counter to the interests of those families that the bill alleges to protect. Among those critics is Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli numbers himself among those critics and took to Twitter to highlight the most concerning passages:

Illegal immigrants who are “engaged in essential critical infrastructure labor or services in the United States” will be granted deferred action and allowed to continue participating in the American workforce. Additionally, if the bill is successful, employers who hire these illegal immigrants will no longer be found to be in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The proposal uses the list of essential services first submitted in March by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and pretty much covers every possible occupation that an illegal could fulfill—factory workers, construction workers, farmhands, delivery drivers, and kitchen cooks would all be protected should the Pelosi-led Democrats have their way.

The bill would also reward and insulate employers who, at a time when the American workforce has been facing unprecedented restrictions, have been illegally hiring foreigners for months.

Lastly, the bill will change the way direct payments are doled out to the public. A Social Security Number would no longer be required in order to qualify for the $1,200 stimulus checks. Instead, an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number would be accepted, enabling almost anyone who pays taxes—regardless of immigration status—to receive the money. Certainly not an “Americans First” proposal.