Pompeo Fails Trump, Fails All Americans, On Trip To Israel

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made history, becoming the first top government official to visit an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied regions of the West Bank. For those who care about the principle of free speech, the visit was a disaster. Adding insult to injury, for those who care about the reelection of Donald J. Trump, the trip did nothing but signal to the Israeli regime that it would be business as usual between the Republican Party and Israel. Despite Bibi Netanyahu’s recognition of Joe Biden as president-elect, nothing will change.

Instead of chastising the Israel Prime Minister, or taking the opportunity to express his concerns about the legitimacy he bestowed on the Biden campaign’s declaration of victory, Pompeo chose to praise Netanyahu and offer up one of America’s most sacred principles as a tributary sacrifice.

Pompeo, in what should be remembered as a disturbing betrayal, expressed a desire and intention to curb speech critical of the Israeli regime’s expropriation, forced removal of residents, and the illegal settling of contested regions outside of their borders. In short, Mike Pompeo promised to dispense with the American government’s neutrality towards the Boycott Divest and Sanction movement. Moving forward, Pompeo implied, organizations that support or take part in BDS will be disqualified from receiving government grants and contracts at the federal level. Going further, he would have these organizations labeled as anti-Semitic by the federal government.

It is without a doubt that the Palestinians have perpetrated some horrendous crimes against humanity, but so too have the Israelis. If you’re curious about that, take a look at how the birthplace of Jesus Christ has been treated by the Israelis. Or ponder why the Israeli military chose to demolish a Christian village on Christmas Eve—shocking even their highest court. Or destroyed another Christian village later.

There is no angel in the Levant, no ally worthy of climbing into bed with, and one would hope that the Trump Administration might have learned that lesson by now. But alas! It just is not so.

The Trump Administration had an opportunity to threaten the Israeli regime, to warn them that without a clear change of course they would part from Republican support indefinitely. Instead, they granted them an invaluable gift.

Readers of Nationalist Review are often great supporters of Israel. Frankly, as a matter of policy, we’re neutral towards every other country on the planet. We simply don’t care about them—that’s point, nationalism. But for those that do care, we should hope that they at least see our point: that this trip was a waste of time, a wasted opportunity, and to top it all of, an affront to principles near and dear to our founding heritage.

It should not be the official policy of the federal government that the following opinion is anti-Semitic:

The illegal expropriation of land, the destruction of homes, and the annexation of land by the Israeli government is morally wrong, that their actions have moved the region further from normalization, and that individuals who believe this should be able to organize against them.

We would not do this for any other country. If we wouldn’t do it for China, we should not do it for Israel. Our principles are worth more than the slap in the face paid by the Netanyahu regime.

BREAKING: Israel Attacks Syrian Airbase

At approximately 10:10 PM local time, the Israeli Air Force conducted an air raid on the Tiyas Military Airbase (otherwise known as the T-4 Airbase). Initial reports indicate that a number of missiles were launched targeting the base with Syrian military sources claiming they neutralized most of the missiles with their air defense system.

Four missiles are said to have reached their targets causing limited damage according to Syrian military officials.

While the immediate story claimed the missiles were launched from drones, more recent reports state that they were launched from warplanes.

The T-4 Airbase has allegedly seen a number of Iranian cargo planes making deliveries over the past 10 days, possibly prompting the attack by Israel.

We will update this story as more facts come to light.