James Comey Shares His Obsession With Collecting Children’s Stickers As “Rewards” For Being A Good Boy

James Comey Has Developed A Bizarre Obsession With Earning Stickers For Practicing His Piano Lessons And Is Documenting His Progress With Bizarre Instagram Posts

Donald Trump once said that James Comey is a sleazebag—and Trump was right. But Nancy Pelosi might also have been right when she said Comey was “not in the right job,” too. Here at Nationalist Review, we’d like to make a suggestion—Comey should take up finger-painting.

Have you ever taken a look at ex-FBI Director James Comey’s official Instagram account? It’s incredibly weird. This grown man who used to lead one of the worlds most powerful intelligence agencies is currently using it to document his progress learning the piano. And he’s apparently awarding himself with small flower and smiley face stickers to celebrate his achievements.

Edit: Look, maybe this is code. Maybe he hasn’t completely lost his marbles. Someone with a lot of time on their hands could take and see if the dates without stickers mean something, if the dates with the red smiley faces and glowing eyes have any significance, or some other combination we haven’t thought of. But for now, this is just some really weird social media posting.

No, seriously:

We’re not even really sure what else to say about this. The man was one of the most influential people in the entire country and he appears to be motivated by the same thing a 9-year-old might derive satisfaction from.