BREAKING VIDEO: Project Veritas finally has a good scoop on Bernie Sanders

James O’Keefe, the guerrilla journalist and creator of Project Veritas, took to Twitter to announce an upcoming series of videos as part of his “Expose 2020” campaign.

In the teaser clip published just minutes ago, campaign organizers working for Bernie Sanders suggested some startling views about how to “re-educate” Trump supporters, going so far as to suggest that Stalin’s gulags were a beneficial and praiseworthy endeavor.

“Cops are gonna be getting f**king beaten in Milwaukee”

The main speaker in the clip is Kyle Jurek, a field organizer for the Sanders campaign, who suggests that there will be violence in Milwaukee (and across the nation) if Sanders is not given the nomination.

The first full video is scheduled to be released at noon today, and you can sign up for email alerts over here.