Black Lives Matter Savages Celebrate Their Murder Of Young White Mother

Black Lives Matter Wants You To Know They Are Happy A Young White Woman Was Killed

Jessica Whitaker was murdered by a group of Black Lives Matter thugs just four months after moving to Indianapolis. How did she offend them? What was her great transgression? She was leaving an Independence Day celebration when a group of black people walked past her and her fiancĂ© and said “Black Lives Matter.” Whitaker, a certified nursing assistant, responded with the phrase “All Lives Matter.”

An argument broke out. Guns were drawn by both parties. The anger dissipated and both groups went on their way. Whitaker’s fiancĂ© thought everything was fine until they walked underneath a bridge overpass and were ambushed by the group they previously had an altercation with. That group of black thugs took aim at Whitaker, fired, and shot her through the head. Jessica Whitaker died because violent animals couldn’t handle the sounds of three simple words.

Jessica leaves behind a young son, an assortment of stepchildren, a devastated fiance, and now, a tortured and harassed family. She was just starting her life. She was 24 years old.

Black Lives Matter savages have been spreading a false rumor about Whitaker to justify her murder. They claim she said the ‘N’ word. A criminal who holds a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly gets celebrated and carried off in a gold casket. A young mother who just wanted to enjoy a rare night alone with her loved one while her grandparents babysat dies and is defamed.

This is Black Lives Matter’s mentality. There can be no common ground.

Now, members of that same terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter, are harassing her family members by leaving messages on her Facebook page celebrating her death.

Below is just a sampling of the hundreds of evil messages they posted to her page: