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Biden sitting in the situation room in an image purportedly showing the president in August, revealed to have been taken in March

White House Releases Faked Photo Of Biden Monitoring Situation In Afghanistan

President Biden's White House releases a photograph purporting to show the president monitoring the situation in Afghanistan. However, the photo was actually taken back in March.

Biden Team Granted $6.3 Million In Taxpayer Funds To Execute Transition

Biden Team to have access to over $6 million in taxpayer dollars… In what has been perceived as a disappointing sign from conservative commentators, an official from the Trump Administration

Fake Votes? Certainly Fake Cars As Biden Broadcasts Video Message To Empty Audience Of Dummy Rental Cars

In a scene reminiscent of drive-in movie theater from Hell, Joe Biden briefly delivered remarks concerning the ongoing ballot counting in battleground states. But there was one problem—Biden wasn’t actually

Emails: Hunter Biden’s Business Partners Discussed Joe Biden’s “Earnings Potential”

An interesting email dispatched from Eric Schwerin, a Hunter Biden business associate at Rosemont Seneca, discusses the financial interests that Joe Biden might have with their organization. “Does it make

Vladimir Putin Defends Biden Family Business Dealings, Placing Democrats In Hilariously Tight Spot

Will the cries of “Russia, Russia, Russia!” fall awkwardly silent as Democrats work through the mental calculus of this one? Russian President Vladimir Putin has seemingly put Democrats in a

Hunter Biden Allegedly Exposed Himself To Underage Relative According To Former Trump Admin Official

According to Darren J. Beattie’s Revolver News, Hunter Biden did not just expose himself to underage girls as the bombshell text messages released today indicate, but he did so to

Video: “I Want To See You Dance” Joe Biden Hits On Underage Girls In Miami Campaign Stop

The Former Vice President Has Managed To Come Off As A Predator Even With Social Distancing Measures In Place Former Vice President Joe Biden took to the stump in Miami

Video: Joe Biden Refuses To Commit To Not Packing The Court If He Is Elected

During tonight’s Presidential debate, moderator Chris Wallace actually held Joe Biden accountable and explicitly demanded an answer from Joe Biden over whether or not he would support expanding the Supreme

Video: “There’s Nothing Smart About You” Trump Tells Biden

The gloves are off in the first round of presidential debates with President Trump calling out Joe Biden’s intelligence: “Don’t ever use the word smart with me. There is nothing

Video: Joe Biden Campaign Bought A “Pep Talk” From Corey Lewandowski For $50

Rob Flaherty, the digital director for Joe Biden’s campaign, used Cameo, a service that allows people to pay celebrities to record a video message, in order to get Corey Lewandowski