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Tag: Justice System

Watch: Portland Rioter Accidentally Sets Fellow Rioter On Fire

“AHHHH!” Portland Rioter Shrieks As Buddy Sets Him On Fire While Targeting The Justice Center In An Arson Attack Last night, Portland got it a bit hot. They waited until

San Fran’s socialist DA, adopted son of Weather Underground terrorists, fires 7 prosecutors

Chesa Boudin, San Francisco’s new District Attorney, was just a toddler when his parents were convicted of murdering two police officers and a security guard during a failed robbery attempt.

To honor fallen ‘sister’, officers cuff her murderer with her handcuffs…The judge just granted him bail.

Nassau Bay Police Department Sgt. Kaila Sullivan was killed after being struck by Tavores Henderson’s car during a traffic stop Tuesday night. [mfn] 10 December 2019[/mfn] Sullivan died after being