Watch: Portland Rioter Accidentally Sets Fellow Rioter On Fire

“AHHHH!” Portland Rioter Shrieks As Buddy Sets Him On Fire While Targeting The Justice Center In An Arson Attack

Last night, Portland got it a bit hot. They waited until late in the evening, around 1 AM local time, to start causing their usual mayhem. In the midst of all the chaos however, there was some friendly-fire…literally. Check out the video below where you’ll see one miscreant setting a fellow traveler alight.

Imagine you claim to flame—sorry, fame—being the guy who got lit up at a riot while trying to burn down the justice center! Oh well, roll the clip:

And here’s a couple more clips from last night’s violence:

San Fran’s socialist DA, adopted son of Weather Underground terrorists, fires 7 prosecutors

Chesa Boudin, San Francisco’s new District Attorney, was just a toddler when his parents were convicted of murdering two police officers and a security guard during a failed robbery attempt. Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, his parents, were sentenced for the murders. They were both members of Weather Underground, a militant leftist terrorist group that was active in the 1960s and 70s.

Following the arrest and incarceration of his parents, Boudin was adopted by none other than the leader of Weather Underground, Bill Ayers and his spouse Bernardine Dohm.

Now, the radical-raised Chesa Boudin is on a warpath to follow in the footsteps of the man who raised him and is using his position of authority to cripple the justice system of San Francisco. He’s just fired seven strict prosecutors in order to make room for those he views as more in line with his political ideology.

Boudin campaigned on a platform that opposed incarceration and vowed to create a “wrongful conviction” unit. Boudin’s plan is to implement some form of alternative to incarceration. His suggestions? Job training, counseling, and education for the guilty instead of the pursuit of a conviction.

“I never got a first [chance]”

SF Gate:

“I had to make difficult staffing decisions [Friday] in order to put in place a management team that will help me accomplish the work I committed to do for San Francisco,” Boudin said in a statement.

According to The Chronicle, the prosecutors are at-will employees and can be terminated at any time per the San Francisco city charter, but some still do plan on taking legal action.

“For someone who ran on a platform of second chances, I know I never got a first,” one of the terminated attorneys told KQED.

KQED reported the names of the seven terminated prosecutors:

The attorneys, who were given the news at one-on-one meetings or over the phone with Boudin on Friday, are Kara Lacey, a felony trial lawyer, Ana Gonzalez, managing attorney in the office’s Gang Unit, Linda Allen and Todd Barrett, managing attorneys in the General Felonies Unit, Michael Swart, managing attorney of the office’s Homicide Unit and Tom Ostly, a trial attorney in the Crime Strategies Unit, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

KQED has learned a seventh attorney — Craig Menchin in the Writs and Appeals Unit — was also fired, according to a person directly familiar with the matter. The district attorney’s office employs over 200 staff members, according to the department’s website.

To honor fallen ‘sister’, officers cuff her murderer with her handcuffs…The judge just granted him bail.

Nassau Bay Police Department Sgt. Kaila Sullivan was killed after being struck by Tavores Henderson’s car during a traffic stop Tuesday night. [mfn] 10 December 2019[/mfn]

Sullivan died after being run over by Henderson after she attempted to handcuff him. Henderson escaped from her grip, jumped back into his Jeep, and drove his car straight into Sullivan.

Sgt. Sullivan was just 43-years-old when she was killed by Tavores after attempting to arrest him for a domestic violence warrant.

Henderson spent a short while on the run, abandoning his Jeep just blocks from the incident, before eventually being apprehended by the police. When he was led to his courtroom appearance, officers placed the handcuffs belonging to the slain police officer on his wrists. Unfortunately, that’s when the justice system failed and chose to grant him a bond of just $150,000 for a charge of capital murder.

An avoidable murder, if only the justice system did its job

Sullivan’s murder, like many in this country, could have been avoided if not for an overly lenient justice system that allows repeat offenders back into the public while awaiting trial. Her killer once recorded himself bragging about his release from previous crimes, and despite this, Harris County Magistrate Colin Amann granted Henderson a $150,000 bond for his charge of capital murder in this case. The president of the Houston Police Officer’s Union and president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 110 Joe Gamaldi responded to the news on Twitter today calling for the magistrate’s resignation:

In July, Henderson was arrested for threatening to shoot his girlfriend. When prosecutors suggested that he be held without bond, the judge presiding over his case refused and instead granted a $50,000 bond. And that wasn’t his first offense either. Henderson responded to this favorable hearing by filming himself walking out of jail, flashing cash and listing off all the money he’s forked over in the past to secure his release:

Henderson: “Hey man, you know what the f*** is going down, man. Y’all thought the kid wasn’t coming home, huh? Over three counties … over three (expletive) bonds, over three cases. One $20,000, two more cases $10,000, we got the other $20,000 one, oh crip, he go to $50,000. C’mon man, y’all f***ed me. And the kid’s still back at it like a crack addict.”

27 December would have marked Sgt. Sullivan’s 16th anniversary with the Houston area department. She is the second police officer from the Houston area to be killed in just three days. The killer of Sgt. Christopher Brewster was also a repeat offender.

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