Kamala Harris Says She’s “Proud” Of Sex Offender Jacob Blake

Jacob Blake, The Man Shot By Kenosha Police, Is Accused Of Many Disgusting Crimes…And Kamala Harris Wants The World To Know She’s Proud Of Him

On 7 July 2020, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Jacob Blake stemming from his alleged rape of his ex-girlfriend. Blake is accused of breaking into her home, raping her in front of her child, stealing her car and debit card, and withdrawing $1,000 from her account. The complaint for these charges can be read here. Kamala Harris, is proud of him.

To make this more clear, Blake is accused of digitally penetrating the woman. He then allegedly sniffed his fingers and said “smells like you’ve been with another man.” She was in bed with one of her children at the time.

On 23 August 2020, police officers shot Jacob Blake when he resisted arrest, fought with police officers, and lunged for a knife after multiple warnings. He survived the shooting, but the incident sparked unrest and riots in multiple cities.

Attorneys For Jacob Blake Issued The Following Statement:

Nationally renowned civil rights attorney Ben Crump and co-counsels Patrick Salvi II and B’Ivory LaMarr released the following statement about Sen. Kamala Harris’ visit today with the family of Jacob Blake Jr., who joined by phone from his hospital bed.

“The Senator told jacob that she was also proud of him”

“Sen. Harris had an inspirational and uplifting one-hour visit with Jacob Blake, Jr. and his family today. She spoke individually with each family member about how they were handling the trauma and urged them to take care of their physical and mental health. In a moving moment, Jacob Jr. told Sen. Harris that he was proud of her, and the senator told Jacob that she was also proud of him and how he is working through his pain. Jacob Jr. assured her that he was not going to give up on life for the sake of his children. Sen. Harris also discussed the policy changes that she and Vice President Biden will seek, including the Justice in Policing Act and implicit bias training, to make things better for all Americans. She encouraged them to continue to use their voices even through their pain to help America make progress to end systemic racism.”

Fmr. Kamala Harris Staffer Employed By Twitter Linked To Trump Campaign Account Suspension

A Former Staffer For Joe Biden’s Expected Vice President Pick Announced That Twitter Has Suspended The Account Of Donald Trump’s Campaign Team Citing Misinformation Related To COVID-19

Nick Pacilio, Kamala Harris’ former press secretary, spun through the revolving door and landed on a soft spot working for Twitter’s communications department shortly after leaving her office. Pacilio took to Twitter this evening to explain a decision to lock the official Donald Trump campaign account, “Team Trump,” from tweeting further until a recent tweet regarding COVID-19 is deleted.

This incident reveals a clear conflict of interest between the staff at Twitter and the upcoming presidential election, particularly if Harris becomes Biden’s VP pick. How much influence could Pacilio exert inside of Twitter to help buttress the Biden campaign and assist his former boss?

Pacilio was also the face behind the decision to suspend the president’s son, Donald J Trump Jr. after another tweet regarding COVID-19 was declared to be “misinformation” by the tech giant.