VIDEO: Trans activist accused of attempted Child Exploitation punches conservative journalist

Jessica Yaniv, a transgender person who has previously made the news for a number of controversial encounters is back in the cycle again—this time for punching Keean Bexte, a journalist with Rebel Media.

Yaniv is currently in court facing charges of brandishing a stun gun (a weapon banned in Canada) when they were confronted by Blaire White, another transgender activist.

Previously, Yaniv has made headlines for attempting to sue estheticians for refusing to wax “her” testicles. But, perhaps the trans persons most pernicious stunt was their attempt at hosting a topless pool party for minors ages 12+, and argued that parents should be banned from the party in order to keep it a safe space.

That alone should be enough to concern anyone with a brain, but The Post Millennial covered some other concerning comments that Yaniv has made about underage girls—particularly a creepy conversation where they probe for information about how to bond with them about tampons or approach them while they are on a field trip.

At one point the trans activist solicited advice about how to “teach” young girls how to use a tampon if they were to approach in the bathroom. (sceenshots below)

All of this is to say that Keean Bexte had every reason to be at the courthouse and attempting to inform the public about an individual that is a potential predator and risk to the community.

“Would I go into the [bathroom] stall with her and help her?”

Below are a number of the leaked messages Yaniv allegedly sent requesting information on how to approach unaccompanied children in the bathroom to “teach” them how to use tampons.

On other occasions, Yaniv has photographed underage girls after crashing a hotel beauty pageant and has repeatedly sent phone numbers to girls who posted on the teen website Ask.FM.