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Tag: Kentucky

Video: “All You White MFers Leave!” Church Offers Sanctuary To Black Lives Matter Rioters Threatening White People

Church Abusing The Emergency Curfew Order Exemption In Louisville To Shelter Violent Black Lives Matter Agitators The First Unitarian Church in Louisville is abusing a provision in the emergency orders

Reuters Describes Riot That Resulted In Two Officers Wounded By Gunshots As “Mostly Peaceful”

Mainstream Journalism, In Its Current Form, Is The Greatest Threat To Civilized Society This one is going to be more of a hit and run. Nationalist Review feels it is

Watch: Witness Confirms Jefferson Square Park BLM Shooter Was Encamped With The Protesters

Shooting Incident At Jefferson Square Park Leaves Multiple Wounded, One Dead. Witness Testimony Says Shooter Was Part Of The Encamped Protesters. Warning! Shocking Footage Of The Shooter Taking Aim At

Watch: Gunshots Erupt As Louisville Rioters Turn Violent, BLM Falsely Accuses Police

Riots In Louisville Turned Violent Thursday Evening As Gunshots Were Discharged, Viral Tweets Incorrectly Blamed The Police Officers On Scene Riots in Louisville, Kentucky took a dramatic and violent turn