Video: “All You White MFers Leave!” Church Offers Sanctuary To Black Lives Matter Rioters Threatening White People

Church Abusing The Emergency Curfew Order Exemption In Louisville To Shelter Violent Black Lives Matter Agitators

The First Unitarian Church in Louisville is abusing a provision in the emergency orders issued to prevent rioting that exempts houses of worship from having to abide by the curfew.

Journalist Brendan Gutenschwager was first to report on the church that offered sanctuary to the rioters in Louisville. His videos are embedded below.

“I Will Beat Your Ass”

In the first video he published, a spokesman can be heard explaining what is happening at the religious establishment to a gaggle of reporters:

“This is First Unitarian Church of Louisville and they have opened up the church up as a sanctuary. On the emergency orders, houses of worship are exempt from the curfew. So we’ve opened this up—or the church has opened this up as a sanctuary zone. It’s a place to get refreshments, its a place to get legal aid if they need…”

Gutenschwager provided an update shortly thereafter, explaining that Black Lives Matter rioters were threatening and harassing white people who were on the church grounds:

“White people have just been threatened with assault and kicked out of the church sanctuary grounds. Almost all press were demanded to leave as well.”

“Didn’t we say get the f*** out of here? Get the f*** out. All of you white motherf***ers leave. All of you white motherf***ers leave. You heard what the f*** I said, n***a. I will beat your ass. I don’t give a f***.”

“Y’all gotta go,” other rioters can be heard joining the man in chorus.

Reuters Describes Riot That Resulted In Two Officers Wounded By Gunshots As “Mostly Peaceful”

Mainstream Journalism, In Its Current Form, Is The Greatest Threat To Civilized Society

This one is going to be more of a hit and run. Nationalist Review feels it is our duty to point out that the enemies of the civilized American citizen are marching yet again through the streets of multiple cities and that their lapdog journalist counterparts in the media are running cover for them.

Reuters released a statement over Twitter on the incidents that took place this evening—a shooting that left two officers hospitalized—without bothering to mention that detail.

The tweet read as follows:

“Demonstrations in Louisville wore on past nightfall in defiance of a 9 p.m. curfew and remained mostly peaceful until several gunshots rang out in the midst of a skirmish between protesters and heavily armed police.”

Let’s break that down quickly:

“Demonstrations in Louisville wore on past nightfall in defiance of a 9 p.m. curfew and remained mostly peaceful until several gunshots rang out,” it begins.

Those gunshots “rang out” well before the curfew began. The protests continued on after those shots were fired at—they did not ring—and struck two Louisville police officers. They were both rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

The statement ends with “…in the midst of a skirmish between protesters and heavily armed police.”

No. Not remotely close to how this should be portrayed. There was no skirmish. Police officers used crowd control devices to quell the rioters and a valueless street criminal drew a concealed firearm and shot off 9 to 10 rounds in their direction.

The police were heavily armed? No. They were mostly wielding non-lethal devices and their standard issue sidearms. Only one side fired off bullets this evening, and the loaded language employed by Reuters is crafted to intentionally embolden these rioters in their ongoing war against the United States and civilized society as a whole.

These people are evil. That’s all.

Watch: Witness Confirms Jefferson Square Park BLM Shooter Was Encamped With The Protesters

Shooting Incident At Jefferson Square Park Leaves Multiple Wounded, One Dead. Witness Testimony Says Shooter Was Part Of The Encamped Protesters.

Warning! Shocking Footage Of The Shooter Taking Aim At Protest Site:

Earlier this evening a shooting incident with multiple casualties took place at a Black Lives Matter protest at Jefferson Square Park in Louisville, Kentucky.

Witness Testimony On The Shooter Living Among The Protesters:

Despite the desperate hopes of many liberals who have prematurely labeled the shooter as a White Nationalist, witness testimony confirms that the perpetrator of the attack was encamped with the protesters for a number of days. Here’s the witness’ testimony:

Unconfirmed Rumors Say That Shooter Was A Homeless Man Removed From The Park That Day

Some rumors being spread on social media have elaborated further about the nature of the relationship between the protesters and the shooter, but those facts cannot be confirmed by Nationalist Review at this time. According to the story, the individual responsible for the shooting was actually a homeless man who protesters had forcibly removed from the park earlier today.

Here’s the guy the rumor mill has pegged as the shooter.

Watch: Gunshots Erupt As Louisville Rioters Turn Violent, BLM Falsely Accuses Police

Riots In Louisville Turned Violent Thursday Evening As Gunshots Were Discharged, Viral Tweets Incorrectly Blamed The Police Officers On Scene

Riots in Louisville, Kentucky took a dramatic and violent turn shortly before midnight when multiple gunshots injured at least seven victims leaving one critically injured, according to a police spokeswoman who issued a statement at 1 AM on Friday. Multiple witnesses were on scene live streaming during the incident, and viral social media posts quickly spun the story as another incident of police brutality (see the last section of this article for examples).

“There have been some arrests, but at this time we are not able to tell you how many as the situation is ongoing,” spokeswoman Alicia Smiley said. The names of those arrested will be released sometime tomorrow. While not much other information was offered, Smiley insisted that no police officer on scene discharged their firearm. In other words, the gunshots came from the rioters themselves.

UPDATE: Twitter Censors President Trump’s Comments On Ongoing Riots

At least one video of the injured victims has surfaced:

Here are some of the angles of the shooting incident:

The Violent Rioters Were Attempting To Flip An Prisoner Transit Vehicle Shortly Before The Shooting Began

They Ransacked The Louisville Metro Police Department

Destruction of the statue of King Louis XVI, the statue’s hand was torn off and stolen

Black Lives Matter Rioters Falsely Claimed The Police Began Shooting “Protesters”