Seattle Mayor Admits Marxist Organization Infiltrated City Council In Shocking Disclosure

Mayor Jenny Durkan Requested The Removal Of Council Member Kshama Sawant For “Recklessly” Undermining Safety And Violating The Law

In a stunning declaration from Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, the City of Seattle has admitted to an infestation of far left Marxist organizations which have gained a foothold in the city government itself.

Durkan made the announcement in a letter addressed to city council president M. Lorena Gonzalez.

“This letter requests that the Council exercise its Charter duties and fully investigate Councilmember Kshama Sawant and determine if action should be taken,” the letter reads.

Sawant is accused of allowing the Socialist Alternative party to choose the hiring and firing practices of city council employees, leading an illegal protest inside a closed city hall, doxing the mayor’s address, and engaging in electioneering from her city council office using both staff and office equipment.

Mayor Durkan has hilariously traded barbs with President Trump, claiming that the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone/Occupation Protest (CHAZ/CHOP) was not a “lawless wasteleand of anarchist insurrection” but rather a “peaceful expression of our community’s collective grief.”

Durkan’s views on that matter have seemingly evolved after a series of violent shootings took place in the zone and ultimately her house was targeted for a protest.

What follows are excerpts from Durkan’s letter:

The National Executive Committee Of The Socialist Alternative Party Ordered Sawant To Fire City Employees

“Relinquishing authority of her office and disregarding City employment and hiring rules. In Councilmember Sawant’s case, the media has uncovered documents suggesting that she may have effectively delegated decisions regarding the hiring and termination of City employees to an outside political organization. According to the documents, the National Executive Committee and the Seattle Executive Committee of the Socialist Alternative party had authority over staffing decisions for the City Council office. At least one employee was allegedly fired as the result of a decision of the Executive Committee of this political organization, and that employee protested that firing was the result of political retaliation.”

Sawant Allowed Rioters To Enter And Trash City Hall

“Using her official position, gave access to City facilities to admit hundreds of individuals at night into City Hall when it was closed to the public because of COVID-19 and failing to follow the City’s COVID-19 precautions for the visitors. Her actions put the safety of individuals and City workers at risk, and it led to janitorial staff making complaints about the incident because of safety concerns.”

“Her actions put the safety of individuals and city workers at risk”

She Even Encouraged Rioters To Take Over The East Precinct (CHAZ/CHOP)

“Using her official position and possibly staff to encourage attendants at a rally she led on June 28, 2020 to illegally “occupy” City property, the East Precinct, at a time the city has been trying to de-escalate the situation and ask individuals to depart because of violence in the area. Days earlier, members of the Black community had asked that this facility be restored as an active police facility, particularly in light of the fact it was created at the request of the Black community by actions of former Councilmember Sam Smith to serve the Central District. We have had a series of devastating gun violence around this location, including early yesterday morning on Capitol Hill.”

Sawant Led Protesters To The Mayor’s Home

“Using her official position to lead a march to my home, despite the fact that it was publicly known I was not there, and she and organizers knew that my address was protected under the state confidentiality program because of threates against me due largely to my work as U.S. Attorney. All of us have joined hundreds of demonstrations across the City, but Councilmember Sawant and her followers chose to do so with reckless disregard of the safety of my family and children. In addition, during or after Councilmember Sawant’s speech at that rally, her followers vandalized my home by spray-painting obscenities.”

It’s unclear whether Sawant will face any consequences for her actions. All that is known now is how horribly out of hand the Seattle city government has become.