Did The Mayor Of Richmond, Virginia Orchestrate A Hate Hoax?

Mayor Responsible For Signing Off On Removal Of Historic Statues And Monuments Uploads Suspicious Letter Claiming He Is A Victim Of Racism . . . But Is It Real?

Levar Stoney, the mayor of Richmond, Virginia uploaded a letter to Twitter claiming that it had been sent to him by a constituent angry with his conduct during the growing riots and unrest plaguing the nation.

But the letter doesn’t have the typical markings that one would expect to find on a piece of paper sent in the mail.

Mayor Stoney Is Facing Harsh Criticism For Ordering The Removal Of 11 Confederate Statues

Stoney has used his office to declare emergency removals of historic monuments. Totaling 11 monuments—some of which have already been removed—the emergency order is currently facing lawsuit from an anonymous client in the Richmond Circuit Court. The statues of Stonewall Jackson, J.E.B. Stuart, Matthew Fontaine Maury, and the Soldiers and Sailors have all been removed. Additionally two Civil War era cannons have been dismantled and stored.


Defending his decision, Stoney took to Twitter to drum up sympathy using an odd, hand-written note that he claims was mailed to his office. There are a number of problems with this story, however. For one thing, the letter Stoney displayed doesn’t show any sign of being creased and folded into an envelope. For another, as one user pointed out, the letter is written in a manner that suggests the writer was making a conscious effort to mask their handwriting, particularly the way they draw the letter ‘S’.

Obviously, the most glaring issue is that the letter itself doesn’t show any sign of ever being stuffed into an envelope. Maybe Stoney just irons out every letter he receives in some nervous OCD tick. Who knows? We’ll let all of you be the judge.