Quotes: Liberal Pundits And Celebrities Celebrate The Death Of Herman Cain

Herman Cain Has Passed Away After Contracting COVID-19 While Suffering From Stage 4 Cancer, Liberals Are Now Celebrating His Death

When the news of John Lewis’ death first reached the ears of conservatives, they championed him as a hero of the Republic. Now, Herman Cain has passed and liberals are using the opportunity to use his death as political fodder and an opportunity to celebrate.

Mother Jones, the communist workers outlet, published the following headline: Herman Cain’s Enduring Lobbying Triumph. They subtitled the piece with “it kept restaurant workers poor for decades.” (Archive)

That’s probably the least mean thing on this list. The rest are just satanic celebrations. Take a look:

“Herman Cain Was A Sexual Predator…”

You might be familiar with this one. Reza Aslan is an Emmy-nominated producer and ‘scholar’…he’s also a guy who once engaged in cannibalism by eating the brains of a deceased man. Seriously. (archive)

Watch This Film Called “UNCLE TOM” featuring Herman Cain says another liberal


Herman Cain died “supporting fascism and white supremacy” – Actor from AMC’s The Walking Dead

“herman cain died doing what he loved

supporting fascism and white supremacy” (archive)

“Good Riddance Herman Cain”


“Herman Cain Died For A Good Cause” – writer for the Colbert Show


“Good Luck At The Pearly Gates…”


“Knowing They Did It To Themselves For No Good Reason…”


“He Also Did This…”

Tom Philpott, correspondent for Mother Jones, attempting to defame Cain with the above-linked article talking about his lobbying. (archive)