Video: Black Lives Matter Punches Driver And Attempts To Pull Them From A Car

A Motorist Was Chased Down By Black Lives Matter, Punched, Had Their Windows Smashed, And Barely Escaped With Their Life…Then They Were Detained By The Police

Update: Police issued a statement saying the driver was detained and rioters involved identified.

The video is below. Let us know if you think this driver deserved to be detained. Here’s what happened:

A driver in a white prius happened upon a demonstration blocking an intersection in Hollywood and attempted to calmly maneuver through the crowd without injuring anyone. Rioters, doing what they love most, began harassing the driver and pounding on their windows. Upon making it through the intersection, the driver assumed they were home free and clear of any more trouble from the street agitators.

They were wrong.

A chase had developed behind them, and a pickup truck laden with Black Lives Matter—and an antifa ‘journalist’—followed in pursuit. A second vehicle, a green convertible, was close behind.

The black pickup managed to maneuver in front of the white Prius, causing it to come to a stop, either striking the bumper of the truck or missing it by mere inches. One occupant from the truck hopped out and approached the drivers window and can be seen punching the motorist and attempting to pull them from the vehicle.

The driver of the Prius attempted to go in reverse to escape, thereby striking the green convertible—also filled with Black Lives Matter members—behind them. Those occupants joined the fray, one of them using a skateboard to smash the windows of the vehicle. Another Black Lives Matter supporter struck the car with a bike. One stabbed at the windows with a flagpole.

The driver then managed to escape, but soon after they were detained by the police.

Video: “When Your Blood Spills We’re Going To Celebrate” Riot Leader Sends Message To LA Cops

Man Responsible For Race Riot Outside Hospital Where Ambushed Deputies Underwent Surgery Has A New Bloodthirsty Message For America’s Law Enforcement Officers

Late Saturday evening, Nationalist Review reported on the mob that formed outside the St. Francis Medical Center in Los Angeles where two deputies suffering from multiple gunshot wounds were undergoing emergency surgery. The two victims were ambushed by a black gunman who currently remains at large.

Rioters led by Kevin Wharton Price, a black pan-African separatist, went to the hospital to make clear that they were happy that the gunmen had targeted police. “We hope they die,” the rioters chanted alongside other messages hoping that more bloodshed befalls other law enforcement officers.

A $100,000 reward has been posted for anyone who has information that leads to the arrest of the perpetrator, but Price, the leader of the riot, took to Facebook live to make clear that he thinks the shooter is a hero and that more cops deserve the same fate.

“When Your Blood Spills Out Into The Street…We’re Going To Celebrate”

Price Is Praying For More Cops To Be Shot:

“Sheriffs’ Lives Don’t Mean Nothing…”

Price made clear that he does not care for the lives of the victims, nor their families. The female deputy who was shot is the mother of a 6-year-old boy, the male’s parents are holding vigil for him. The two are out of surgery and expected to live after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. Both deputies suffered at least one shot to the head.

“We went out there to deliver a message to this gang-banging sheriff’s department that we’re not going to shed a tear because two of your gang-banging sheriffs got shot in the head. We not going to shed no tear. Matter of fact, I said what I said…I did not bite my tongue.”

“You know what? Those gang-banging sheriffs’ lives don’t mean nothing to me. Nothing.”

Wharton Also Had A Message For Anonymous 4Chan Posters: “Come See Me”

He also believes 4Chan is “off the hook.”

Video: Two L.A. Sheriff Deputies Ambushed By Black Gunman Who Approached Their Vehicle And Emptied His Magazine

The Suspect Is Still At Large — Two Deputies Severely Wounded — One Male And One Female Currently Undergoing Emergency Surgery

Two hours ago, the LA County Sheriffs notified the public that two of their deputies were the victims of a random assassination attempt in Compton after a black gunman approached their vehicle, dumped his entire magazine into the front seats, and sprinted off. Both deputies suffered multiple gunshot wounds, are in critical condition, and undergoing emergency surgery.

The suspect is still at large. Little additional information is known at this time. The video below is grainy but may be shocking to younger viewers and discretion is advised. We will update this story as more facts come to light.

VIDEO: Police State? Watch LA Cop Repeatedly Beat Cooperating Homeless Man

Earlier this week, footage was released showing a Los Angeles police officer repeatedly beating a homeless man during an arrest made in the Boyle Heights are of the city. The suspect had been living in a tent next to the church. In the video, he made no attempt to fight back.

Officers were responding to a trespassing call and ordered the man to leave the property near the Church of God Prophecy. While detaining the individual in question, the responding male officer, Frank Hernandez, told the man to “stop fighting”. In the video, it’s clear that the suspect is not resisting, has his hands behind his back, and is standing stationary on the sidewalk.


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“Ain’t nobody fighting,” the suspect responds. That’s when the officer begins pummeling him.

During the beating, the suspect makes no attempt to fight back and merely works to defend his head from the blows.

The female officer on scene seemed shocked and confused by her colleagues behavior and repeatedly makes moves to intervene but never successfully stops his until the very end of the video.

During heightened tension between police and the public, with many arrests related to the ongoing isolation and social distancing orders in place throughout the country, some are wondering whether the police are taking things a bit too far with their newfound authority.

Since the incident first occurred, sources with the LAPD have confirmed to local news affiliate KTLA that the arresting officer has been involved in three on-duty shootings during his career.

The Los Angeles Times was able to reach the attorney representing the officer involved in the incident:

David Winslow, the officer’s attorney, described him as a 20-year LAPD veteran but declined to identify him. Winslow said the suspect had been living in a tent in a lot adjacent to the church. An LAPD spokesman could not say if the suspect was homeless.

Winslow argued that prior to the footage that has been widely shared, the suspect was aggressive toward the police when they asked if he would consent to a search. During the initial search, the suspect allegedly struck the officer in the chest, knocking his body-worn camera to the ground, Winslow said.

The officer then ordered the man to turn back toward the fence, according to Winslow, who said the man started “using profanity, calling the officer names … telling him he wasn’t going to cooperate.” The man then threatened to attack the officer and began to struggle, which led the officer to use physical force, Winslow said.

Ed Obayashi, a veteran Plumas County sheriff’s deputy and lawyer who trains officers statewide believed the video was extremely problematic.

“To say this looks bad is an understatement,” said Obayashi. “I don’t see any signs of resistance. The officer is just pissed off and very amped up. There is no sign the officer is responding properly. This officer is literally throwing haymakers.”


None of the claims made by the attorney are evident from what has been released in the recording.