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Tag: Los Angeles

Video: Black Lives Matter Punches Driver And Attempts To Pull Them From A Car

A Motorist Was Chased Down By Black Lives Matter, Punched, Had Their Windows Smashed, And Barely Escaped With Their Life…Then They Were Detained By The Police Update: Police issued a

Video: “When Your Blood Spills We’re Going To Celebrate” Riot Leader Sends Message To LA Cops

Man Responsible For Race Riot Outside Hospital Where Ambushed Deputies Underwent Surgery Has A New Bloodthirsty Message For America’s Law Enforcement Officers Late Saturday evening, Nationalist Review reported on the

Video: Two L.A. Sheriff Deputies Ambushed By Black Gunman Who Approached Their Vehicle And Emptied His Magazine

The Suspect Is Still At Large — Two Deputies Severely Wounded — One Male And One Female Currently Undergoing Emergency Surgery Two hours ago, the LA County Sheriffs notified the

VIDEO: Police State? Watch LA Cop Repeatedly Beat Cooperating Homeless Man

Earlier this week, footage was released showing a Los Angeles police officer repeatedly beating a homeless man during an arrest made in the Boyle Heights are of the city. The