Riots: Multiple Shot In Minneapolis As City’s Streets Become A Warzone

An Attack On Hennepin Avenue Resulted In Multiple Gunshot Victims And Chaos On The Streets

Update: 12 shot. One male deceased.

At least 8 people were shot following a brawl on Hennepin Street after rioters took over the streets to enjoy the lawlessness that has become the rule for Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd and subsequent calls to abolish the police.

Various reports are describing the scene as a horrific, with one witness claiming that there were at least 100 people involved in the fighting, but at this time only one shooter is confirmed.

While it is unknown if any additional shooters were involved, a recording of the police scanner indicated that at least one suspect had been identified fleeing the scene.

According to the description provided by a witness, the shooter was a black male with gold teeth wearing a jogging suit last seen running east on Lagoon Avenue.

The shooting took place outside Chino Latino on Hennepin Ave:

As the minutes ticked by, the casualty count quickly climbed from four victims, to six, and ultimately to ten at the time of this report.

Videos posted in the aftermath of the shooting showed blood covering the streets:

Users on social media recorded the suspect’s description as it was broadcast over the police scanner:

Others filmed the aftermath as victims were treated on scene while awaiting ambulances:

Street racers had taken over the street just shortly before the attack was launched:

Shortly before the shooting, one Reddit user mused that the presence of cars and street racing indicated that a shooting or brawl was likely to take place soon:

Earlier that evening fireworks were launched at various locations throughout the city:

Video: Dem. Gov. of Minnesota: Undercover “White Supremacists” Started Minneapolis Riots

Governor Tim Walz (D) Is Attempting To Claim White Supremacists Were The Perpetrators Behind The Brutally Violent Riots In Minneapolis

At a press conference late Friday evening, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz was asked whether “white supremacists were causing destruction in the city.” The governor’s answer was basically straight out of an article from The Onion or a sketch from Dave Chappelle. He wants you to believe that everyone besides Black Lives Matter is to blame for the destruction of Minneapolis. It’s truly a remarkable clip.

It goes without saying that white supremacists don’t exactly go unnoticed at a Black Lives Matter riot. Anyways, watch the clown do his dance in the video below.

Here’s a brief transcript of his response:

“Yeah, they’re unconfirmed reports and we’re trying to get that intel from all the different agencies and this of course is where the federal government helps with some of this. I certainly can’t confirm personally on this, my suspicions from what I’ve seen on this [led me to believe] yes. It gets worse than that. The cartels who are wondering if there is a break in their drug transmissions are trying to take advantage of the chaos that’s there, too. That’s why this situation is on a federal level. You’re seeing it highly coordinated across the country so that will happen. And I think this is the conversation we’re having with the president, that we’re having here…It is a highly volatile situation. And these folks, who want to do this, blend in…Elements are certainly gathering, and they are professionals.”

The governor then handed the microphone over to Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington who said the following:

“We’ve got intel reports that have been confirmed, but I cannot say that we have confirmed observations from local law enforcement to say that we’ve seen cells of white supremacists in the area. We’ve gotten reports of that over the last couple of days that we were tracking in terms of threats to the critical infrastructure and to the National Guard and others. But I don’t have confirmed reports that I can give you at this point. From some national sources, we’ve also gotten some reports on drug cartels.”

Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Retweets List Of “Supplies” Needed For Minneapolis Riot

Ilhan Omar’s daughter, Isra Hirsi, helped spread around a list of supplies needed for the violent riot in Minneapolis Wednesday evening

Isra Hirsi, co-founder of the “grassroots” anti-capitalist (their term, translated, socialist) US Youth Climate Strike, helped signal boost a list of supplies requested by the Minneapolis branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

RIOT UPDATE: Seven Shot During Louisville Black Lives Matter Riot Thursday Evening

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Among the provisions that the DSA requested, were the following:

Plywood for shields
Tennis Rackets
Hockey Sticks
In addition to typical first aid tools to counteract inflammation caused by tear gas and pepper spray.

Here’s the tweet she helped spread around, below is her justification for it:

The implication here—that the protesters needed shields—is that they were preparing for a violent protest well in advance.

When Andy Ngo, editor-at-large for The Post Millennial, pointed out that she had just broadcast a supply list for a violent protest to her 100,000 followers, Hirsi responded saying she was just being “empathetic.”

Realizing that this might not be the greatest look, she quickly followed up with a second tweet, “lmao the fact that me trying to help people is seen as bad. i didn’t even say i support the actions at the protest. i just CARE”.

That’s an odd turn of phrase. Why would someone try to aid a violent mob if they didn’t agree with them?

Nationalist Review typically doesn’t comment on the opinions or actions of the children of politicians, but considering Hirsi’s involvement in a significantly sized political organization and the damaged caused to Minneapolis—one she’s now played a role in—we’ve decided this story was worth printing.

Video: Minneapolis Rioters Beat And Rob Disabled Woman, Then Frame Her As The Violent One

Looters And Rioters Took Over The City Of Minneapolis Wednesday Evening And Preyed On One Disabled Woman Who Attempted To Defend A Local Business

UPDATE: The narrative of the pro-rioters has shifted. Be sure to read to the end to see how they accuse her of stabbing (people that assaulted her)!

Following the death of George Floyd, riots erupted across Minneapolis this evening, and even as the violence continues at the time of this post, the property damage and injury counts are piling up. One unfortunate victim with a disability suffered perhaps the most reprehensible attack of all. She was beaten, robbed and choked—all for trying to deescalate a situation that was rapidly growing more violent.

RIOT UPDATE: Seven Shot During Louisville Black Lives Matter Riot Thursday Evening

BREAKING: Twitter Censors President Trump – ‘Comments On Minneapolis Riots Violated Our Terms Of Service’

The great irony of this incident is self evident. These animals claim to be protesting the disregard for human life they believe was displayed by police officers in the death of Floyd, but what do their actions tell us? That they care little for life—any life—even that of the most vulnerable. This savage beating makes that clear as day.

While attempting to defend the local Target and prevent continued looting, one disabled woman in a wheelchair was brutally attacked by the violent rioters who were breaking and taking everything in sight. Jennifer, the victim of the attack, was actually there in solidarity with the peaceful elements of the protest, but when she saw things getting out of hand, she attempted to prevent further chaos from taking root.

She was beat over the head, punched, robbed, and eventually sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher—all in an effort to get her to stop blocking the entrance to the building.

But the story doesn’t stop there. One of the rioters who was present at the time filmed the incident, uploaded it across social media, and in the viral post claimed that the woman was randomly stabbing people in the store. The reality could not be further from this account and additional footage verifies, as one would suspect, that the woman was the victim in the situation.

They threw chairs, rocks, bottles and eventually shot her with a fire extinguisher…

They brutally beat her, put her in a choke-hold, and tried to flip her wheelchair….

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Look carefully, and you can see a white woman robbing her in between the flurry of fists from the black woman striking her from behind:

The first video that was released claimed that the woman was randomly stabbing looters in Target, if she did have a knife, it was clearly self defense:

Here’s that post, just for reference:

After she was able to make her escape, the woman gave her account of the brutal attack:

Here’s what Jennifer had to say about her awful ordeal:

“The looters who were looting target…I was peacefully protesting and trying to block the way so that they couldn’t leave with stuff [from Target]. They attacked me from back—from front and back. They punched me in my mouth, in my head. I got punched in the head several times. I got grabbed from behind. People grabbed my wheelchair. They stole my keys. They stole everything they could off me. I got maced in the face. I got covered with fire extinguisher stuff. I’ve already seen the EMTs and they told me to go home, but somebody had milk and it’s supposed to help with the mace.”

She tried to do the right thing when everyone else was turning a blind eye while their city was senselessly destroyed. Jennifer is brave for that.

Twitter is now filled with people defending the rioters actions and are openly mocking the woman

The narrative from the other side, summarized briefly, is as follows: Jennifer decided she’d roll into a store with her wheelchair and start stabbing six-foot-tall grown men with a tiny Swiss Army knife. They claim the attack was completely unprovoked and that she decided she’d just butter knife her way through a crowd of already violent and angry rioters without any sort of retribution.

Nationalist Review calls B—-S— on that story. But meanwhile, hundreds of meme videos are being produced by people reveling in the savagery.

But even after all of that…Jennifer is not backing down and is not afraid of the rioters:

“She’s got a knife! She’s stabbin’ people!”

Jennifer apparently had a knife on hand and did at one point move to defend herself—after one looter tried to grab her arm and push her wheelchair out of the way. She then wildly swung the knife through the air a second time as a man began to spray her with a fire extinguisher. Sounds like fair play to us: you assault a woman in a wheelchair while committing grand larceny and maybe you wind up stabbed.

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