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Wire Alert: Video Shows Police Shooting Victim Daunte Wright Flaunting Firearm, Cash, Drugs

#DaunteWright had a #warrant out for his #arrest. Did the #police know this when they approached the car? Either way he should not have been shot. Did the female #officer

Riots: Multiple Shot In Minneapolis As City’s Streets Become A Warzone

An Attack On Hennepin Avenue Resulted In Multiple Gunshot Victims And Chaos On The Streets Update: 12 shot. One male deceased. At least 8 people were shot following a brawl

A Map Of Every Known Building Damaged In The Minneapolis Riots

This Map Plots 142 Buildings Burned And 448 Businesses Looted Or Damaged During The Riots

Video: Dem. Gov. of Minnesota: Undercover “White Supremacists” Started Minneapolis Riots

Governor Tim Walz (D) Is Attempting To Claim White Supremacists Were The Perpetrators Behind The Brutally Violent Riots In Minneapolis At a press conference late Friday evening, Minnesota Governor Tim

Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Retweets List Of “Supplies” Needed For Minneapolis Riot

Ilhan Omar’s daughter, Isra Hirsi, helped spread around a list of supplies needed for the violent riot in Minneapolis Wednesday evening Isra Hirsi, co-founder of the “grassroots” anti-capitalist (their term,

Video: Minneapolis Rioters Beat And Rob Disabled Woman, Then Frame Her As The Violent One

Looters And Rioters Took Over The City Of Minneapolis Wednesday Evening And Preyed On One Disabled Woman Who Attempted To Defend A Local Business UPDATE: The narrative of the pro-rioters